3 Ultra Cool Camera Apps for iPhone That You Need To Check Out

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iPhone camera
iPhone camera
iPhone camera

iPhone camera

There are hundreds upon hundreds of camera apps on the AppStore for your iPhone. Some of the most popular camera apps are Instagram and Camera 360. There are also a lot of camera apps that offers a bunch of creative filters for you to use on your photo. All these apps are nice and all but you might have not seen the full potential of your iPhone?s camera/video capabilities. Here are some really cool camera apps that you can get for your iPhone which will give you that real ?Pro? feeling.


Who would have thought that the iPhone camera can actually shoot high-speed videos? The default camera app for iPhone only shoots at 30 fps. This is already a good frame rate, but shooting at 60 frames per second gives you more flexibility and creativity with your videos. This is very useful for fast moving subjects or if you plan to add some dramatic slow motion video on your simple clips. This is what SloPro does exactly. Using it is pretty straightforward.


Another video capturing app. This does not have 60 fps shooting capabilities, BUT it has it all. You have ?control of everything. Manual ISO settings, Focal length, shutter speed, fps (up to 30), aspect ratio and quality are ?modifiable. This gives you more freedom in shooting your videos. It is even better than most point and shoot cameras. This is very useful for shooting videos in extremely dark or bright places where you don?t want that crazy jump between exposures.

Big Lens

Now let?s proceed with capturing still images. Big Lens does not have tons of features like CameraPro or any camera app that has full manual settings. You can get any camera for that matter and most of them, for free. Where Big Lens stands out is the ability to produce professional looking images with that ?Depth Of Field? effect which can only be seen by using a DSLR. It allows you to easily capture images and set the ?background? and the ?foreground? apart to create the effect with ease. Aside from this major feature, it also has a number of creative filters which can be used for added effect.

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