3 “Surprise” Things your iPad Can Do With The Right Extras.

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3 “Surprise” Things your iPad Can Do With The Right Extras.


Apple has done a lot to make the tablet a truly valuable device for work, study and play. Not only does the iPad feature the most amazing functions, the apps that are available make a lot of people’s lives more convenient and productive.

However, there is still more that can be done with the iPad if one knows the right accessories that can enhance the functionality of your Apple tablet.

Here are 3 surprising ways that can make you do more amazing stuff with your iPad:


1. iPad GPS for Wifi iPads? An iPad that has cellular data capabilities has a built in Global Positioning System app with it. For those using iPads that have only Wifi, GPS functionality is still possible. All you would need is a Bluetooth GPS Receiver. Recommended accessories are the SkyPro XGPS 160 GPS Receiver or the Bad Elf GPS Pro (both sold for approximately US$ 150 Dollars). These gadgets are capable of connecting to multiple devices and when used with downloaded offline data (maps), it will turn your iPad into a GPS device that can take you anywhere.


2. Capture Video of your iPad Screen ? Don’t you sometimes feel like capturing those moments when you are ?awesome? at playing your favorite game (like Flappy Birds) and want to share it with your friends? Or when you want to teach someone what to do with an app in their iPad and wished you could make a video and just let them watch it?

Well, you can.

The only thing you need to do is to get what you are doing with your iPad into your Mac or PC computer.

And how do you do that?

An ?air server? like App Dynamic’s Air Server (sold for approximately US$ 15 Dollars) will enable your PC or Mac to function as a receiver similar to the function of the Apple TV system.

When this is enabled on your computer, you can use AirPlay Mirroring to send your screen to your computer. Once your screen is ?mirrored? in your PC or Mac, you can record it on video using Windows CamStudio (PC) or QuickTime (Mac).

Camera Connector

3. Use a USB Desktop Keyboard ? Many iPad users have already incorporated the use of a Bluetooth (BT) keyboard with their iPad. It transforms their iPad into something more like a laptop, making it easier to write lengthy documents or messages. Some use a detached BT keyboard while others use the ones that come with their iPad case. Most of these keyboards however are smaller than the standard QWERTY keyboard and do not have the same feel as a desktop or laptop keyboard.

Having no USB port, many iPad users think that BT keyboards are their only option.

It isn’t.

Available in the market are official Apple accessories and non-official Apple accessories in the form of Camera Connection Kits. These kits have a Lightning to USB (or the older iPad connector to USB) adaptors (Apple ? US$ 29 Dollars / Non-Apple-Approx. US$ 30 Dollars). Using these adaptors, one can use a USB keyboard instead of a BT one. Not all keyboards work though. The iPad does not supply power to these adaptors so the ones that have multiple hubs as well as built in trackpads might find it non-functional. It is best to bring your iPad and USB keyboard when purchasing the adaptor kit and see if it works.
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