3 pretty journals and planners to inspire you to get things done

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Get inspired by these pretty journals and planners from Talking Out of Turn to motivate you everyday:

  • Daydreamers Bullet Journal
  • Weekdays Planner
  • Perpetual Goal Setting Planner

With the million things we have to get done in a day for work or school, it’s very important to break this monotonous routine and build habits that let us practice self-care and promote our mental health. One fun and easy way to do this is by journaling.

Journaling can help you start the day right as you get to reflect, introspect, and map out the direction of your day. This activity also helps you give yourself some much-needed “me time” as well as a sense of direction. If you need a few journal options to inspire you to kickstart and maintain your journaling journey, here are 3 pretty journals from Talking out of Turn to motivate you.

If your aesthetic is on the more colorful and gradient side, you’ll love this Daydreamers Bullet Journal. Since this is a bullet journal; you can write, draw, decorate, and personalize it however you want to. You’ll basically have all of the creative freedom to plan out your day and jot down any notable event or memory in your life. This specific bullet journal has 100 colorful pages that are sure to keep you inspired and motivated to keep using your journal!

If you are looking for a planner that’s more on the traditional side, consider this minimalist Weekdays Planner. This planner allows you to plan out your week and month in its weekly and monthly spreads. This planner also allows you to jot down and track your daily tasks so that you don’t miss any activity you have on your day or week. The best part, however, is its inspirational quotes, art pages, and messages that will always keep you inspired and motivated to keep on grinding and doing your best!

If you prefer planners that allow you to really reflect, introspect, and dig into your personal feelings, the​​ Perpetual Goal Setting Planner would be perfect for you. This planner has the quintessential undated monthly spread, so you can use it anytime on any year, as well as prompts that let you track your daily goals, check on your feelings and emotions, practice self-care, and maintain a healthy work-life balance. 

You deserve self-care and we hope that these journals from Talking out of Turn are able to help you improve your daily routine!