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3 practical kitchen tools that will make cooking easier

These are great additions to your kitchen!

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Simposh offers various multi-purpose and efficient kitchen tools that:

  • Make cooking easier and hassle-free
  • Are easy to clean, safe, and comfortable to use
  • Prevent cuts and burns when cooking

Whether you’re cooking several dishes for your whole family or preparing a go-to meal for yourself, being in charge in the kitchen is fun but also exhausting. After all, it takes a lot of time and effort from preparing the ingredients to serving the food. Not to mention the peeling, cutting, and accurate measuring of the ingredients to make sure that each dish is thoroughly and deliciously cooked.

You might have tried some kitchen hacks or multipurpose kitchen tools before in hopes of minimizing your time and stress. However, it is just as important to choose the right kitchen tools and appliances that are helpful and well worth the price. Lessen your load in the kitchen and make cooking convenient with these kitchen tools from Simposh!

Easy Food Dicer

Cutting and slicing ingredients are tiring and time-consuming, especially if the dishes you’re cooking require a lot of vegetables or fruits. Well, not anymore! The Easy Food Dicer can make things easier and faster for you. This product easily cuts vegetables and fruits into cubes and wedges without the need for a knife. Just press the handle of the Easy Food Dicer and the ratchet-style pusher will slowly move the food forward through the sharp stainless steel blades.

You can also use a knife by inserting it in the knife guide and cutting the food as you press the handle. Either way, both methods make cutting ingredients easy and safe. While it can cut semi- and medium-hard vegetables and fruits, though; it is not suitable for hard or dense foods like sweet potatoes, beets, and soft ripe tomatoes. The Easy Food Dicer is the perfect tool for preparing salads, snacks (like fries or potato wedge), and side dishes!

Handheld Grater Bundle 

Avoid injuries like cuts and burns when cutting or grating with this Handheld Grater Bundle. It comes with a protective safety cover that can be also used as a food container. It has soft and non-slip ergonomic handles that ensure a tight grip and cushion the hand during repetitive grating motions. You won’t have a hard time cleaning it after use, either, because it is easy to clean (it’s dishwasher-safe!). 

The large grating surface with a sharp etched stainless steel blade makes grating more efficient, making it one of the best kitchen tools for fine, coarse grating. Use it for citrus zest, ginger, garlic, cheese, chocolates, and other vegetables. With this tool, you can prepare salads and any snacks in just a few minutes. 


Thanks to this Multi-Peeler, you can now smoothly peel fruits and vegetables! It features a razor-sharp serrated blade with a Patented Control System that automatically adjusts to different skin variations when peeling—no electricity needed. You can quickly peel even soft fruits like kiwis and tomatoes.

The Multi-Peeler has a comfortable gripping base with non-slip feet to keep it stable on a variety of surfaces as you peel. It is also very slim and easy to clean, so you can easily keep it in your kitchen cabinet or bring it with you when you travel.

Simposh offers a lot of other upgraded and multipurpose kitchen tools as well that will make your cooking experience cleaner, more efficient, and less stressful.