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3 Must Have Android Apps : Duolingo, Dead Trigger 2 & Scribd

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3 Must Have Android Apps : Duolingo, Dead Trigger 2 ?& Scribd

For Android Fans, here are three apps that you absolutely must have if you want to take advantage and have fun with your Android smartphone.


1) Duolingo

First on our list is Duolingo, a language tool that helps users speak and read ?foreign? languages by feeding them with morsel sized language chunks in game mode.

Confused? Don’t be….Duolingo was created to make learning a new language fun and doable in a non-classroom atmosphere. Your spare time becomes an educational experience with Duolingo, as this app breaks up the language lessons into smaller modules that you accomplish in small steps.


Duolingo also formats the lessons in ?game mode? wherein the ?student? is motivated to finish the modules by earning points and also losing ?lives? if they give the wrong answers.

The initial Duolingo app provided lessons for Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Spanish and English. A later update added lessons for Turkish, Russian, Polish, Hungarian and Dutch, as well as fixing some bugs in the initial version.


The app was targeted for people who only have time to learn a new language in their spare time and in a more convenient location (e.g. where they usually are caught in at the moment).

Other Android Apps that provide language courses (in case you want to compare) are Babbel and Rosseta Course.


2) Dead Trigger 2 ( with Free update)

For those who are already enjoying killing zombies in the 1st person shooter game Dead Trigger, as well as those who haven’t, they will surely get a blast from checking out Dead Trigger 2 (with a free update). It is a game with awesome graphics as well as superb weapons for blowing up the undead.

In Dead Trigger 2, you will be facing a variety of enemies from your run of the mill brain sucking zombies to horrifying monsters. But don’t fret, you will be amply equipped with an awesome cache of firepower comprised of machine guns, pistols, machetes and other ?zombie rated? weaponry.

In this apocalyptic world, you will be part of a worldwide resistance movement versus the zombie threat and will go through a superb storyline adventure that enables you to create your own team and hideout. Dead Trigger 2 also allows you and the other characters to build new weapons, heal injuries and many more.


The new update for Dead Trigger 2 brings with it 3 new pieces of weaponry and 9 new scenarios / environments to wage your battles in, as well as additional ?social? tools that enable the players to interact with each other in comparing stats and go on chats.

So if you are into zombie-bashing and cool guns and weapons, Dead Trigger 2 is a must game play app for you.

Other notable Android game apps you might want to check out are the original Dead Trigger and another terrific shooter game, Deus Ex: The Fall


3) Scribd

For the book lover, Android users may not have the iBooks app of the iOS gadgets, but a new app called Scribd may fill that gap.

For an affordable monthly fee, the Scribd app gives you access to a gargantuan library of e-publications. Some gadget pundits have described Scribd as the ?Netflix of ebooks?.


More than a Hundred Thousand ebooks are available to Scribd subscribers and can be read on Android gadgets wherever and whenever it is desired.

The app also gives out recommendations ? both personal and editorial ? on what a user might like to read based on the user’s previous readings.

Scribd also allows use among multiple devices so readers can sync their ebooks in more than one gadget and pick up the story in another device as needed.


One wonderful feature of Scribd is that it allows you to store the ebook so it can be read offline. It also does not set a limit (What? Unlimited books? ) to the number of ebooks you can consume….all for an affordable US$9 Dollar monthly subscription payment.

So for avid bookworms who devour ebooks like there is no tomorrow, Scribd is a great app to get for Android devices.

Other ebook apps that you may also want to check out are the Wattpad app and the Amazon Kindle app.

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