3 Key Android News from Mobile World Congress 2014

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3 Key Android News from Mobile World Congress 2014


The Mobile World Congress 2014 will be over in a day or so and although there still might be a few surprises left, there are basically 3 key developments one can take away from this industry gathering. And it all involved Android.

Not Surprised?


Much has been said about the outlandish and incredible gadgets that have been featured in this ?mobile party? but it has clearly been the ? Android trends? that have gained notice from the attendees. These trends are also going to be the things that will influence and shape the mobile tech industry in the next twelve months.

So what are these Android trends and developments?

Let me count (and spell it out) for you……


  1. Nokia & Android – Although this has received much media mileage these past several days, we cannot discount this monumental development in the mobile hardware and software industry. The reason why Nokia is going ?Android? is easy enough to digest but the more incredible news is Nokia’s refusal to go ?Google? and instead has chosen to use the Microsoft system (for obvious reasons) to power their Android phones. Although the forking of Android with Amazon’s Kindle Fire seemed to work well (this fact probably gave the Microsoft and Nokia people enough reason to reach their decision), it is still doubtful if developers are willing to gamble and create apps and tools for the Nokia / Microsoft Android Store when it is currently more lucrative to do the same work for the Apple and Google app stores.Android-2
  2. Android, Android, Android ? Not just because of the Nokia development, Android is not only still hot but sizzling. This platform has transformed not just into an alternative for those who do not want to succumb to the ?Apple iOS Domination?, but as a major force in the mobile industry, with ?hundreds of millions? of smartphones and other mobile devices running on this system. The development mentioned earlier about Microsoft throwing in the towel for its Windows mobile platform clearly shows Android as a worthy challenger to the Apple iOS belt and a primary trendsetter and influencer in the future of the mobile gadget industry.Android-4
  3. Samsung ? When it comes to Android, there is no other mobile company that sets the trend but Samsung. The Nexus line is clearly dominating the market for its category and the coming of the Galaxy S5 has created a buzz only seen before in the iPhone launches. If the hype around the gesture control, fingerprint reader and sensor features lives up to its claims, then it could truly have the chance to defeat the iPhone as the smartphone to have.Android-6

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