3 Easy Ways On How To Change Android Font On Your Phone Or Tablet (No Root Required)

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3 quick, easy, and non-root ways on how to change Android font on your devices

In many cases, it?s enough to just leave the default font on your Android device as is. However, there will always be those people who want to spice things up. It is said that ?fonts are book covers of today?s digital era.? Despite having good content, a book?s ugly font may be enough to turn readers away. The same applies to our mobile devices. So for those who lack the necessary technical know-how, or just busy with their lives, here are some quick and easy ways on how to change Android font on your devices.

  1. Change Android font by modifying System Settings

New smartphone or tablets running in stock Android versions does not offer the option to change systems fonts into many styles. But depending on the ?flavor? or version of the Android OS and the device manufacturer, they may have the said option, albeit a limited feature. Here is how to do it in Samsung phones or tablets with the older version of TouchWiz:

Open Settings > Device > Fonts > Font Style

To those who own Samsung devices running on Android version 4.3 and above, navigate to:

Open Settings > My Devices > Display > Font Style

  1. Change Android font by installing custom launchers

Another way to change Android font without having to undergo rooting is through installation of a custom launcher. We have told you about the best multi-featured Android launchers out there, as well as launchers with very simple, minimalist interface. But there are also launchers that allow users to alter the font on their devices.

One example of such launcher is the popular GO Launcher Ex. Here are the step-by-step procedures on how to use this app to change Android font on your device:

  • Install GO Launcher Ex from Google Play
  • Then install Go Launcher Fonts from Google Play
  • On the GO Launcher home screen, swipe the screen upwards or tap the Menu button on the bottom right
  • Navigate to Preferences > Font > Select Font and select the font you want; no need to restart or reboot your Android device
  1. Change Android font by installing third-party font apps

This method, similar to option 2 discussed above, will only work if your device supports font changing to begin with. For instance, both South Korean giants Samsung and LG support this feature. But a number of manufacturers are starting to follow that trend. There are many third-party, standalone apps in Google Play that are able to change Android font beginning from the menu, the native SMS application, to all other apps installed in the device.

One crowd-favorite is HiFont, a free app you can download from Play Store. This app offers hundreds of fonts that can replace the stock font of devices powered by any Android OS version. HiFont is not only able to change Android font with its own collection of fonts, it also allows users to install their own custom fonts through the app.


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