3 Cool Fitness Wearable Tech Gadgets That Will Help Keep You Fit

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Looking for easier ?and more enjoyable?ways to track your fitness?

Wearable technology has paved a new way to stay in shape the quick and easy way. With devices that are small enough to be worn in the body, it?s now become more convenient to check if your heart rate is okay or how far along you are in achieving your fitness goals.

Just recently, several companies have introduced cool wearable fitness gadgets at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. These gadgets can do anything from monitoring your heart beat to showing how far you?ve ran to?get this?calculating how much sun you?ve been exposed to.

Here?s a look at some of the cool products you?d surely love.



This is a cool smart watch that?s perfect for runners. It tracks your movements?steps and distance covered?as well as monitor your heart rate. It?s an attractive fitness watch. It has a sapphire crystal display and aluminum casing.

You can sync this to your iOS device to monitor your overall progress.

The Wellograph is slated for release in April and will cost $320.

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Sony?s Core

Sony-Smart-BandThe Core is Sony?s fitness tracker that perfectly fits into accessories like the SmartBand. It?s integrated with the Lifelog app that tracks your performance (steps taken and calorie burned). What?s great about this is its simple and sleek design. It?s neither bulky nor heavy.

It stands out from others is, according to Sony, it?s ?more about emotion rather than motion.?

That means it goes beyond the typical tracking of distance covered or monitoring heart rate. The Core obtains more information about you?things that say a lot about your activities and preferences. In fact, it can even tell when you are commuting and the type of vehicle you?re in.

The Core is expected to be on sale in the spring but there?s no set price yet.

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June Smart Bracelet

june smart braceletThis smart bracelet is awesome because it can save your life. Read that again. It can save your life.

This amazing gadget is designed to monitor your skin?s exposure to the harmful rays of the sun?a contributing factor to skin cancer. Designed by French jewelry designer Camille Toupet, June has sensors that sync with your iOS device. It alerts you when you?ve been exposed too long in the sun. On a normal day, it will compute the maximum exposure for your skin and even recommends the type of sunscreen that you should use. A more important feature it has it tells you the extent of impact of sun exposure on your skin.

This lifesaver will hit the stores in the second half of 2014 and will cost $99.

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These 3 new exciting gear will surely give you more reason to keep up with your fitness goals.



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