2NE1 Disband Update: Former Members CL And Dara Apologize To Fans

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2NE1?s disband confirmation shocked the K-pop scene just a few days ago. In line with this, former members CL and Dara have apologized to their fans.

YG Entertainment announced on Nov. 25 that their famous pop girl group has been dissolved. The South Korean talent agency formed the all-female quartet in 2009.

Their last release was Crush in 2014. Since then, fans have been waiting for their reunion.


2NE1 was formed in 2009.

Misleading reunion teasers?

Many were shocked with the decision of 2NE1 to disband since the revelation came amid rumors of their new album. In fact, 2NE1 members have been posting teasers online about finally ending their two-year hiatus.

2NE1?s Dara reportedly told fans that they were already working on a new music video.

Ex-member Bom also resurfaced in social media after two years. This fueled speculations that their reunion announcement was just around the corner.

The most recent teaser came from 2NE1?s CL, who posted the promise ?SOON? on Twitter just last Nov. 21.

?I left everything behind? ? CL

A lot of hopeful fans who held onto their hints were inevitably disappointed when 2NE1 disband reports broke last weekend.

Because of this, Dara and CL explained their sentiments in individual posts.

?We all really tried to make things work,” CL tweeted last Nov. 29.

The group?s resident rapper recently broke US billboard charts with her solo single and Method Man collaboration Lifted. She pointed out that she ?left everything behind? for the 2NE1 reunion.

?I was in Korea all summer working on our album, but it fell apart,” CL narrated.

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Dara?s apology

Singer-actress Dara has also been making news for a viral video of her on the set of Pinoy Boyband Superstar. The clip showed her emotional and trying to hold back tears while trying to concentrate on her judging duties. The live show was held just a day after 2NE1?s disbandment was announced. ?

The former Manila-based TV and movie star also previously shared a note to Blackjack fans about their split.

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Furthermore, Dara revealed on Instagram and Twitter that they were really already working on the next 2NE1 album. ?[We] wanted to give you guys good music in return,? she insisted. ?I?m so upset and sorry that we couldn?t.”

With the ex-members? statements about their cancelled last album, what do you think led to their split? Let us know by commenting below and make sure to keep following TheBitBag for updates on 2NE1?s disband controversy.

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