2NE1 Disband Prompting Wonder Girls? Breakup? Limelight Shifting To New Groups Blackpink, TWICE?

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2NE1 disband reports came out weeks ago – and now Wonder Girls is rumored to break up next. Speculations are rife as new groups like Blackpink and TWICE have been getting more attention lately.

The South Korean girl group was formed by JYP Entertainment in 2006. They are best known for hits such as Nobody and I Feel You.

Their current lineup consists of Lee Sunmi, Park Yeeun, Kim Yubin, and Woo Hyerim. Previous Wonder Girls members included Kim Hyuna, Ahn Sohee, and Min Sunye.


Will 2NE1 and Wonder Girls give way to newer acts like TWICE and Blackpink?

Wonder Girls breaking up?

With their 10th anniversary approaching, fans were expecting either a new song to follow up Wonder Girls? Why So Lonely. The said single was released last July and the quartet has been quiet ever since.

As such, many were shocked when reps from JYP revealed that their contract is already ending ?mid-January 2017.

A Soompi report clarified that all involved parties are still currently discussing contract renewals. However, fans can?t help but worry that Wonder Girls might disband soon.

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Following 2NE1 disband?

Speculations have been swirling since several K-pop acts folded up or lost a member this 2016. This included the departures of Jia from Miss A, Hyuna from Nine Muses, and Sunhwa from Secret.

However, the industry?s biggest shocker for this year was the decision of 2NE1 to disband. There have long been speculations due to the contract of band member Minzy. CL also became very busy with her solo career in the US, while Dara accepting hosting stints in the Philippines.

Oddly enough, there were rumors that the remaining girls would still move forward as a trio. In fact, CL and Sandara even hinted about 2NE1?s comeback via social media posts.

YG Entertainment confirmed towards the end of November that the group will no longer reunite. CL and Sandara were still retained, but fans were still inevitably disappointed with how they were seemingly led on.

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Giving way to newer talents?

Because of how fans were caught offguard with 2NE1?s split, many can?t help but be pessimistic that Wonder Girls would follow suit.

Furthermore, the break up rumors come amid the groundbreaking success of newer acts.

Among this year?s biggest hitmakers included the rookie girl group Blackpink. The quarter was launched by YG Entertainment via the debut track Boombayah.

It is also possible that JYP is focusing more on TWICE. The talent company formed the nine-member band a year ago via the reality show Sixteen.

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Did the rise of newer K-pop stars influence the decision of 2NE1 to disband? Will Wonder Girls be next? Let us know by commenting below and make sure to keep following TheBitBag for updates.

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