2NE1 Comeback Not Happening Soon Due To CL US Debut, Dara Philippines Gig

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2NE1 comeback not happening anytime soon?

Do not expect the 2NE1 comeback to happen anytime soon as two of its three members are busy with their individual projects.

While YG Entertainment previously stated that it will not disband its flagship female group 2NE1, it seems that the girl group will not be releasing a new album in the near future. CL just dropped her latest single ?Lifted,? which signals her much-awaited US debut.

?Lifted? is a chill ?turn up? song and the music video was directed by award-winning director Dave Meyers who also directed music videos of Britney Spears. The video was shot in the Bronx, New York and is tailored for?international audience.

Sandara Park, on the other hand, was recently spotted in the Philippines. Previous reports claimed that she was casted by a network in the Philippines to be a judge of a reality TV show. Dara was also casted in her first lead role in a movie, the remake of the international hit ?Begin Again?.

Park Bom, the final member of the new 2NE1 trio is still on hiatus due to her drug scandal in 2014. It seems that people are still not very welcoming of Park Bom returning to the limelight.

Meanwhile, former member Minzy is currently gearing up for her solo debut under her new label ? Music Works. The singer held her first fan meeting since leaving YG Entertainment. Reports claimed that Minzy will hold her solo debut later this year.

Aside from the aforementioned reasons, 2NE1 is not coming back soon as YG Entertainment just debuted a new female group BLACKPINK. The group also has four members reminiscent of 2NE1. Main producer of 2NE1, Teddy Park, is also in charge of BLACKPINK.

YG Entertainment has no announcement regarding the possible comeback of 2NE1. Thus, fans will have to wait and see.

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