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2k Teases Image of BioShock ?Eve?s Garden? On Twitter, Is The Game Really Coming Back?

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There is no denying that BioShock is really one of the most popular, and a favored video game series. And now, fans and players of the game, are in for a new treat, thanks to the most recent title, which is in the form of BioShock Infinite.

A teaser, which came as a tweet on the Twitter account of 2K United Kingdom, makes it look that the game will soon be resurrected. This is definitely good news for all the people out there saddened and disappointed because they thought the series is already gone for good. For those who are not aware of the reason why, many believe?that?it is simply because the development firm responsible for the game?s creation was shutdown.


An image, which depicted Eve?s Garden (the original setting of the first title), was tweeted by 2K games. This may mean that either something new is about to arrive, or that something old will be tweaked.

For those who are disbelieving, you should know that, this was not, in any way an error on the part of 2K or a late ?Happy April Fools? Day? greeting. It was clearly a message meant to get fans and gamers really excited, especially since the photo came along with the caption stating ?OOOO what could this mean??

It goes without saying that this has spurred multiple theories. Some have made guesses that this will be a look into the future of the BioShock franchise. There are also others who have been left wondering if the teaser was an announcement for the PlayStation Vita platform.

While it is true that quite some time has already passed since the series last release, this teaser has definitely sparked excitement in many gamers and fans around the globe. Hopefully, there will be new news coming out soon about the arrival of the latest BioShock series.

Image Source:?2K United Kingdom

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