AlDub Predictions & Live Stream Link: The Best Scenarios That Can Happen This Saturday

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AlDub nation?s nightmare is real. The wedding that Alden?s grandmother, Lola Babah, has promised will still continue. And Alden Richards and Cindy Kournikova are set to get married this Saturday and may result in AlDub, the tandem of Alden Richards and Maine ?Yaya Dub? Mendoza, being over.

Will the phenomenal power couple get through this challenge? Or will Cindy prevail in taking Alden from Yaya Dub? Here are some of the possible scenarios that will happen in a very exciting and special Saturday episode:

Frankie Arinoli saves the day

The former suitor of Yaya Dub has returned to the show once again. Frankie Arinoli, played by Filipino actor Jose Manalo, has his bad side appear sometimes but we know that deep inside he has a kind heart and that he?s willing to help anyone especially when it concerns Yaya Dub.

Frankie?s return to the show was a shock to everyone watching, and what was even more surprising is his immediate connection to Cindy. In any case, Frankie may have an important role in the events to come this Saturday. He might change the mind of Cindy and save Alden from a regrettable marriage. And we might even see a birth of another power couple in the form of Frankie Arinoli and Cindy Kournikova (Frandy?) (Cinkie?)

Cindy Will Break Off The Wedding

This is one of our favorite fan theories. Cindy, despite being very antagonistic in the relationship of AlDub, will realize that there are things more important than money or a great business deal. She will break off her engagement at the last moment, and find herself looking for Frankie.

Alden, on the other hand, gets Lola Babah?s blessings, goes to the Mansion and then realize that Yaya is already at the airport on her way to start a new life. Alden misses the plane, gives a heatbreaking cry without realizing ? he was looking at the wrong plane.

He will then turn his back, and see Maine standing behind him, equally emotional and then? the horn sounds off.

Alden finds the ring

And if it’s Alden’s lucky day, he might finally find out where the ring is. We’re guessing that this is the chance for Alden to bring the ring back to Lola Nidora, but before he does, he presents it to Yaya who’s already at the airport and may convince her to stay and that they are really meant for each other. Alden bends on one knee and… the horn sounds off.

AlDub continues their road to forever

And if we?re right about how Frankie tries to stop the marriage and saves Alden, AlDub will definitely continue their road to forever. But before they pick up where they last left off, Alden might have to make it up to Yaya Dub. And judging from how long we?ve met Alden, he has a lot of tricks up his sleeve. There?s no telling what sweet surprise he has in store for Yaya Dub but at least we know that she?ll be happy once Alden makes it up to her.

To watch today?s episode LIVE, check out this livestream link.

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