25 Twitter Tips You Can Tweet to Get More Followers And Make Your Social Network Bigger and Busier

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25 Twitter Tips You Can Tweet to Get More Followers And Make Your Social Network Bigger and Busier

If you like to gain more Twitter followers or increase your social network presence, here are 25 Twitter tips to help you. You can also pass the tips forward to help your family and friends as these tips are ?Tweetable? (140 characters or less).


1) Use a good headshot pic where followers will recognize you. No one wants to follow a weird looking symbol. #TwitterTips

2) Fill up your Twitter Bio with real information. Introduce yourself, but do not over-hashtag. #TwitterTips

3) Include a URL Bio for those who want to know you more. Fill up a free bio page at #TwitterTips

You are What you Tweet:

4) To increase tweet clicks, format your tweets like this: ?KEY MESSAGE – LINK #HASHTAG AFTERMESSAGE? #TwitterTips

5) Variety of Content! Promote?stuff, but also mix it up with small talk & always interact with your followers. #TwitterTips

6) Specialize in a certain topic or field. Be a leader of a cause. Make sure to comment on the links you share. #TwitterTips

7) Make your tweets short ? less than 140 characters ? to let people add to it when they retweet. #TwitterTips

8) Show your personality by mixing funny & witty remarks with serious ?business?. #TwitterTips

9) Include images in your tweets as they now appear ?inline? and will make your tweet more interesting. #TwitterTips

Interact and Engage:

10) Use the favorite button the same way you use ?Like? in Facebook to show your appreciation to the tweets of others. #TwitterTips

11) Reply to questions and answer it as soon as you can. No matter how trivial the question. #TwitterTips

12) Ask Questions. Engage your followers in a discussion on topics that interest you. #TwitterTips

13) Say Thank you to those who retweet your posts. Especially if it is someone who has a lot of followers. #TwitterTips

14) If you have something worthwhile to give, run a Twitter contest using hashtags. Everyone wants to win. #TwitterTips

Don’t Get Lost in the Twitterverse:

15) You are not required to follow all your followers. If you do, it would make your stream too crowded. #TwitterTips

16) When joining conversations with hashtags, use it. Make your tweet easy to find for others.#TwitterTips

17) Use Lists. If you follow a specific topic or group, this keeps you on track. #TwitterTips

18) Don’t be afraid to ?Block? people you don’t like to be in your stream. They can still see your Tweets. #TwitterTips

Avoid Twitter Boo-boos:

19) Don’t tweet directly to people just to get views for your blog. It is called spam. #TwitterTips

20) Do not use Auto-DMs. Again. Do not use Auto-DMs. You will lose followers. #TwitterTips

21) Do not use more than 3 hashtags. More than 3 can be annoying to read. #TwitterTips

22) Only Tweet what you can say directly to people’s faces. Make that the golden rule. #TwitterTips

23) No fighting. Debate, discuss, agree to disagree. But don’t argue. Nobody wants a troublemaker. #TwitterTips

How To Get More Followers:

24) If you build it, they will come. Measure Twitter success with the level & quality of interaction. Not number of followers. #TwitterTips

25) Talk about Twitter. The most shared Tweets are about Twitter. #TwitterTips

There it is. Follow these tips (and retweet them if you like) to make your Twitter network bigger and busier.

Do you have any other tip you would like to share?

Do send them to us, here at The Bitbag.

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