25 Romantic Ideas for Valentine’s Day Part 2

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The time you will be spending reminiscing and recording these memories will help your own romantic mood, and what your partner might think is a plain old box of chocolates will instead be a treasured gift for future years. Not only that, you can add memories to the box for every birthday, holiday, or Valentine’s Day celebration in the future.

4. Remember and recreate your first date as a couple. Do you remember what you were wearing? Where did you take him/her out? Do you remember what your conversations were about? Spend the evening reminiscing your first date and reflecting on how far and what you have achieved as a couple.

5. Spoon and Cuddle. Simple yet very effective. Nothing beats a warm hug from someone you love.

6. Choose a book you are both interested in reading. You can choose fiction or nonfiction, up to you. Read a new chapter every night before going to bed. This cozy tradition will give you some quality time together and often fuels thought provoking breakfast conversations.

7.? On small pieces of paper, write down every type of kiss that you can come up with. Then put it in a cute red bag and give it as a gift to your spouse. Have your spouse grab several pieces of paper from the bag, and then kiss your sweetheart with whatever kind of kiss he/she picked. ?

8.?Collect the songs special to your relationship and put it in a CD. Include your ?special song?. This might be songs from your wedding, songs from favorite movies, or songs from your first dance. Add a short personal voice dedication and leave it in his/her bag, briefcase, CD player, or car stereo. However, be sure to be there when he/she finds it.

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