2017 Psychic Predictions Reveal Lesser Facebook Subscription

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2017 Psychic predictions

The year ending is definitely not complete without 2017 Psychic predictions. ?Psychic Craig Hamilton-Parker gives us his overview of his predictions on what to expect in 2017.

Craig?s 2017 Psychic Predictions

In his recent post on, Hamilton-Parker said to expect a year of economic troubles in 2017. He also said that there will be a great social unrest with violent rioting and great suffering for the poorest in the society.

While he believes many of his predictions will happen in 2017, some, he says might not happen until after two or three years.

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Hamilton-Parker made his 2017 Psychic predictions on September 2016 as he says he feels many of the predictions will come to pass. He, however, still does not admit that he had wrongly predicted the massive earthquake in India and Pakistan happening in 2016.

The prediction may still happen according to him, but let?s hope it won?t.

Among his 2017 Psychic predictions include Hillary Clinton resigning from politics, Denmark and Italy pulling out of EU as the Euro crashes and more.

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While many of his predictions sound gloomy, Hamilton-Parker believes there will be a growth in spirituality that will lead us into a Golden Age. He also feels that 2017 and 2018 are the years when miraculous spiritual things will be revealed to the world.

On Religion

Hamilton-Parker also mentioned that many of the traditional religions will fail and more people will seek direct experience of the spiritual realms. He even made a bold statement that Islam will be forsaken by millions of people in 2025.

Christianity, he says, will also undergo a metamorphosis that encourages people to seek direct personal experience of spirituality.

2017 Psychic predictions

On Tech

Psychics even have predictions on the development in Technology. According to?Forbes,?there is a big chance for Artificial Intelligence to take over texting, and even social media. Virtual Reality will also take a big leap as it takes over the fields of medicine, sports, and even wars.

On the other hand, Princeton researchers are seeing a possibility for Facebook to lose 80% of its users, despite its continuous profit rise.

While most 2017 Psychic predictions sound a bit on the negative side, there is still no way of really proving these will happen. The one thing that is sure to happen though is that 2016 is ending and we are now welcoming 2017.

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