2017 Predictions Based on Numerology

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2017 ww3 predictions
2017 Nostradamus Predictions

The New Year is here and while many of us are planning start the year with positivity, the 2017 numerology predictions have something else in store for us. There is a more aggressive, violence on the horizon according to the numerologists.

Universal Year Number 1

An Indian Numerologist Maha Guru Gaurav Mittal told that 2017 representsthe ?Universal year number 1. He said that adding all the digits in the year, i.e. 2+0+1+7 equals 10. It means a single digit number 1+0 = 1 that represents the Sun.

The number ONE represents the Sun and the beginning of life. It symbolizes leadership but it is also full of energy making it aggressive, cruel and violent. The numerology could possibly be pointing out to the WW3 as rumors of such war have been indicated by Nostradamus too.

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Russia WW3 News

Russia NATO World War 3 WW3

Though numerology specifically doesn?t suggest WW3, a couple of other predictions all point to a global devastation. Famous seer Nostradamus?s 2017 predictions say a global conflict will happen following Donald Trump?s election into the U.S. presidency. The Frenchman was an astrologer and used numerology and other such crafts to predict the future.

World War 3?

The?2017 predictions include an assassination attempt on Trump?s life. The Central Intelligence Agency will seek to kill the 45th President of the U.S. owing to his links with Russia. With Russia?s Putin?s involvement in rigging the U.S. elections, there could be a possibility that such a thing could come true.

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On the other hand, since 2017 is the year of leadership, Trump is said to emerge as a tall leader. Trump will take bold and brave decisions that will shock many in the world. The decisions could possibly be related to him breaking the U.S. away from the NATO alliance.

Should Trump indeed do this, there is likely the possibility of a World War 3. The Russia would see this as a time to further their hold in Eastern Europe. Putin could be attacking Europe some time in mid 2017 and the war may finally begin.

Others on the prediction list is that China will emerge as the global power. The country will be making bold decision that will offset the power balance in the world. On the other hand, Italy will face a financial crisis. The country is set to experience an economic turmoil and a deepening banking crisis.

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Despite said predictions, overall scientific consensus is that numerology is nothing but pseudo-science. Similar to astrology, it has no scientific basis, so for better or worse, don?t take any word of the 2017 Numerology predictions for gospel truth.

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