2017 Color Of The Year Politically Motivated? Experts Explain Their Choice

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The 2017 Color of the Year has been declared by forecasters. According to experts from the Pantone Color Institute, ?greenery? is the color that will dominate mainstream marketing, fashion and other industries.

The exact color was detailed in the company?s interview with CNN Money. They also explained the reasons behind their choice.

Color of ?renewal?

Reps from the said organization specified that the 2017 Color of the Year?s pantone is a ?fresh and zesty yellow-green shade.? It supposedly reminds people of the first days of spring. According to them, it is meant to give off a feeling of revival, restoration and renewal.

“It’s the green that signals vitality, energy and warmth,” said Pantone Color Institute vice president Laurie Pressman.


“Greenery” named as 2017 Color of the Year

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Worldwide trends

Members of the Pantone Color Institute, from all over the globe, studied different trends before they came up with their decision. This included aspects related to fashion, consumer products, social media and technology.

“We’re [even] looking at street art, animation, architecture, movies and headphones,” Pressman said.

Just recently, some may have noticed the 2017 Color of the Year in fashion and lifestyle trends. The lively hue was seen in various runway shows for Spring-Summer 2017 collections. Upcoming car models, such as the 2018 Mercedes-AMG GT R, is a shade of green dubbed as the “AMG Green Hell Magno.”

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2017 Color of the Year politically motivated?

However, the explanations from Pantone Color Institute?s reps somewhat hinted that politics might have played a part in their decision. According to Pressman, choosing the most cheerful shade of green represents ?rebirth and regeneration.? She said that the hue is symbolic of “where we are in our lives and what we desire.”

The political undertones are also likely since they said that they assessed ?what influenced the current mood of society.?

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There are so many negative reports worldwide that are related to politics. Is it possible that the 2017 Color of the Year is meant to send off positive vibes amid today?s turbulent times? All this is purely speculative, but TheBitBag will be on the lookout for possible updates on this theory.

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