2017 Chinese Zodiac Horoscope: What Will The New Year Bring To Your Sign? Find Out In This Online Predictions

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2017 Chinese Zodiac

The 2017 Chinese Zodiac animal is the Rooster. While those under this sign are expected to have a good year, others may wonder what the future holds for them.

We?ve rounded up predictions this 2017 for other Chinese Zodiac animals.

2017 Chinese Zodiac for Rooster

Those born under the year of the Rooster will supposedly have good luck in terms of their career and finances. According to the Property Guru, they will excel even without exerting too much effort.

Unfortunately, their success will allegedly fuel envy and jealousy. They are advised to stay modest and humble in order to avoid conflicts.

Their favorable colors for for 2017 are brown, grey, white, gold and silver. Chinese zodiac animals that are compatible with them are the Snake, Rooster, Ox and Dragon.


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Favorable 2017 predictions


2017 will be a year of excellent finances and career growth for those under the Ox sign. However, they are reminded to focus on important matters and avoid gossip. They are also prone to legal woes and dietary problems. Their promising colors are brown, grey, purple, red and yellow. Those under the signs Rat, Snake, Rooster and Ox will also be compatible with them.


Career advancement is imminent this 2017 for those born in the year of the Tiger. Money will allegedly come in easier than the usual. However, there will reportedly be a lot of unnecessary expenses. Health problems were also predicted. To offset these, they are advised to stick to lucky colors such as black, blue and green. Tigers are also told to remain close with compatible individuals under the years of the Tiger, Horse, Dog and Pig.


2017 Chinese Zodiac states that this will be a good year for Dragons. However, people will allegedly get envious, thus the need to remain modest. They are also advised to be generous to those in need and avoid conflicts. Their auspicious colours are brown, grey, purple, red and yellow, while compatible zodiac animals are the Rat, Monkey, and Rooster.


Romance will be the theme of 2017 for those born during the year of the horse. They are also expected to have financial breakthroughs. However, the threat of scandal has raised warnings about temptations. Their favorable colors are green, purple and red, while compatible zodiac signs are the Tiger, Horse, Dog and Pig.


Compared to 2016, 2017 Chinese Zodiac will be slightly better for those under this sign. Due to the unpredictability of certain things this year, they are advised to avoid making decisions while they are confused. Illnesses related to urinary and respiratory issues were also predicted. Lucky colors are brown, grey, white, gold and silver. They will be compatible with those born under the years of the Rat, Dragon, Monkey and Snake.


The coming year will be favorable for those born during the years of the Dog. Financial stability should be expected, supposedly as a result of investment returns. However, they are reminded to work hard and avoid overspending. Propitious colors are brown, grey, yellow, red and purple. They will also match well with those under the Tiger, Horse, Dog and Rabbit signs.


Due to huge pressure at work, those under the year of the Pig will allegedly clash with their bosses. However, hard work will still result to good fortune?as long as conflicts are avoided. Those under this sign are specifically warned to lessen their salt intake. Funerals and weddings must also be avoided. Their lucky colors are black, blue, white, gold and silver. Those under the signs Rabbit, Goat, Pig and Tiger will also contribute good luck.

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Unlucky 2017 Chinese Zodiac Signs


People born under the year of the goat are advised to keep a low profile this 2017. Drama is at bay, so best to remain sensible, diplomatic, and optimistic. Health woes and travel warnings were also raised. Good colors include brown, grey, purple, red and yellow, while their compatible zodiac sign is the Horse.


People under the year of the Rabbit will allegedly face drastic bad luck. In fact, among their 2017 predictions include an unexpected financial loss and physical injuries. Star signs have shown no blessings, hence the need to be prudent, cautious, and extra hard working. Hopefully, sticking with lucky colors such as black, blue, and green will offset the bad luck. Compatible zodiac signs are the Pig, Rabbit, Goat and Dog can also likely push away negative vibes.


The coming year will allegedly be full of ?overwhelming negative energy, uncertainty, and continual obstacles? for those under this sign. They are recommended to avoid risky situations and stick to a healthy diet. Lucky colors such as green, purple and red, and people born under the Snake, Ox, Monkey and Rooster signs may also contribute good luck.


People under the year of the rat are expected to experience setbacks in their career and relationships. However, things will allegedly turn around for the better due to a mystery female benefactor. Those who are expecting to get pregnant will also supposedly be blessed with a baby girl. Meanwhile, those who are single will be compatible with people under the signs Rat, Dragon, Monkey, and Ox. Their lucky colors are black, blue, gold, silver and white.

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