2016 San Diego Comic Con Update: Ethan Hawke as a Pimp in Valerian?

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San Diego Comic Con
valerian-first-look Credit: EuropaCorp

At the 2016 San Diego Comic Con, director Luc Besson unveiled new images for his upcoming sci-fi movie ?Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets.? Joining him in the film are Dane DeHaan, playing Valerian, and Cara Delevigne as Laureline. The 70s comic book adaptation will feature the adventures of Valerian and Laureline as they act out their roles as interstellar agents to maintain law and order in the universe.

This project was said to have a budget of $180 million, so we can expect nothing but the best from the ?Fifth Element? director. There will be action, romance, and a ?Fifth- Element?-style of comedy. Besson showed a 7 minute video at Comic-Con that featured the first look at the chemistry between DeHaan and Delivigne, one of the 8000 species of aliens, and a ship flying scene.?

The first look also featured a sleazy club named GLAM CLUB where a blue-eyebrowed (Ethan Hawke) asks Valerian, ?You like techno? Nano? Or Bio?? When Valerian responds, ?I?m more into retro,? Hawke leads him to a room with a small stage. A woman walks onto that same stage; will she dance or sing? We don?t know yet but the woman is Rihanna! Then we see a desert planet and aliens – with one of them resembling Clive Owen. Oh it is Clive Owen!

San Diego Comic Con

Valerian Cast with Besson Credits: EuropaCorp

The teaser/footage was received well and everyone in the audience was excited, but followers will have to wait for next year as a lot of visual effects still need to be shot. Besson told the 2016 San Diego Comic Con crowd that has been wanting to make Valerian pretty much since he was ten years old. He fell in love with Laureline and wanted to be Valerian.

San Diego Comic Con

Valerian in a ship Credit: EuropaCorp

The movie is said to debut in the US in July 2017.

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