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It?s Barcelona impersonating Tokyo at the recent 2016 Barcelona Manga fair held last weekend. The fair, also known as Sal?n del Manga de Barcelona, touched every single aspect of popular culture in Japan. Besides the conventional showcasing of Japan?s love for manga, the fair also featured the Asian Country?s pop culture and culinary freedom.

Interestingly for gamers and developers who attended the event, the 2016 Barcelona Manga Fair also offered education on how to create anime and video games for free. Because of the show?s diversity, more people attended the event. With over 142,000 attendees, it broke the record of past Barcelona Manga Fair events.

2016 Barcelona manga Fair attendees

Some of the most notable directors, creators and developers of anime and videogames who attended the event include Junji Ito (Black Paradox, Gyo, Uzumaki), Toshio Maeda(Urotsukidoji), Animator Yoshimichi Tamura (Tarzan, Atlantis, Hercules), One Piece Gold director and creator Hiroaki Miyamoto, producer Hiroyuki Sakurada, and animator Masayuki Sato.

Each attendees have their own schedule to present their material during the event. The 2016 Barcelona Manga Fair introduced them and they showcased their offer of ?seeing their drawing techniques, signing sessions, fan meetings and workshops.


The most notable workshop in the event is the One Piece crew workshop wherein part of the animation process was revealed. Interestingly, the staff also offered to include storyboarding, character design and key animation. The event also had three main pavilions with one dedicated for Japanese cuisine, featuring live cooking and Japanese restaurant owners offering a taste of their one of a kind recipes.

The 2016 Barcelona Manga Fair ran from October 29 to November 1. Tickets were sold at 9? (around US$10) a day or a total of 27? or $30 for the whole convention. Videogame developer Level-5 sponsored the event, with Nintendo taking the spotlight in the gaming area of the fair. The highlight of Nintendo?s presentation is the playable Nintendo Pokemon Sun and Moon game, which is yet to arrive this November. Do you want to know more about the 2016 Barcelona Manga Fair? Make sure to read all news about the recent event and future schedules here on TheBitBag.

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