Best PC 2015: Lightweight and Broadwell-powered Gadgets

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This year?s Consumer Electronics Show has turned into a lot of things.

It has been a great venue to spot which new electronics we would get our hands on. But just like fashion shows, the CES 2015 is one great venue for spotting which trends are to come this year. The revolution may have started last 2014, or even way beyond that. But one thing?s for certain?this year?s CES 2015 showed us that there?s a lot indeed to look out for in terms of electronic gadgets that are innovative and classy at the same time.

This is the trend we are looking at in this PC World article. The article went out of its way to show that the trend is pointing toward the lightweight, more value for less weight class; the pen-assisted, which makes a return after its initial run on the early predecessors of smartphones; and also Intel Broadwell powered, the CPU which arrived a little late, but at the least, it?s already here.

Superlight and Super-friendly

The PCs and laptops of tomorrow will be superlight and super-pen friendly.

While the feature for pens has been available as early as Windows 7, it seems that the pen-assisted tablet is making a comeback. These pen-assisted tablets have been around?as per Wikipedia?back to the days of the grandfathers of today?s smartphones. As for the lightweight touch, it?s been a prevailing trend seen most especially during the CES 2015. There are a lot of tablets and laptops available which were as thin as a feather and about as light as one too; prime examples would be Samsung?s offering as well as Dell?s and Lenovo?s.

While this is the prevailing trend in PCs and laptops, that doesn?t mean that they?ve sacrificed power for compactness. There?s a powerful Broadwell CPU behind each of these laptops, and that just about solves the conundrum about PC power in spite of its small and thin appearance.

The Wave of the Future?

It seems that the future will be inherited by these thin, sleek machines seen at the CES 2015.

While that?s the case, will the PCs of the future be flimsy as well? It?s nice to think that they won?t sacrifice that for the chance to make a PC look as classy as it could; thin is in especially in the laptop world, and with this comes certain lacking features which could very well become a hindrance. However, that doesn?t seem to be the case, and if any, the trend has helped the pen make a comeback after being missed for quite some time. The only area I can think of where it wasn?t lost was in the handheld-gaming arena.

If so, will we be seeing a lot of comebacks this year? It could happen quite possibly.

A Tech Revolution

So it seems that thin is in, and the wave of the future can be determined with a pen-stroke. What else will be making a come-back, aside from the pen? It may also appear that tech is currently getting a few designs from movie sets and movie techs, but that?s not so far-fetched. We may see some innovative designs in the near future, and it may get exciting from here on in.


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