2015 Laptops: The Dell XPS 13 at a Glance

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Dell?s XPS 13 made a lot of noise during the recently concluded CES 2015.

It?s like Dell took some notes from the MacBook Air in terms of lightness and width. The laptop managed to pack a lot of power despite being of limited size?and that?s only the beginning for the XPS. There?s a lot to this little guy, but that also means that it?s lacking quite a few features.

So we take a look at two reviews for the XPS 13?one comes from CNET and the other is from Tech Spot. Both articles took an honest look at the XPS 13, and each has a different take on what the XPS 13 has and what it lacks. Here?s what we?ve seen so far about the XPS 13?and here?s an unabashed look at how it might perform in the long run. Since you?re going to be parting with your hard-earned money, of course it pays to take a look at what you might be buying, right?

From a Technical Point of View

How Dell managed to squeeze all that computing power in so little a frame is beyond me.

Still, as per CNET, the XPS 13 managed to put an Intel Core i5, 4GB DDR3 SDRAM and 128GB of SSD fury into a computer which has about 13.3 inches of screen and an integrated Intel HD Graphics 5500 on-board card. It still doesn?t have the classy look of the touch version, although it made up for it with a longer battery life. As per CNET, the XPS 13 boasts of up to 12 hours of usage on a single charge. The high-res version, given its credentials, can last for up to 7 hours.

Perhaps the XPS 13 benefitted from the level-up in technology nowadays. Dell brought the technology Samsung and other smartphones have in terms of battery life and placed it onto one of their latest laptops, which isn?t bad.

Good Points and Bad Points

So far, it appears that the XPS 13 is a stranger to disappointment.

If we?re going to base the XPS 13?s value on the benchmark provided by Tech Spot, the Dell XPS 13 doesn?t perform that bad at all. The lowest that the benchmarking of the XPS 13 had gone is 3rd in line, and in some cases, it only played second fiddle to the Alienware 13?a similar product, if only under a different division in the Dell company and a laptop for a different purpose. It?s enough that Tech Spot opted to give the XPS 13 a score of 95 out of a possible hundred.

With only the trackpad and the touchscreen needing some work, if you?re looking for a laptop to use while waiting for the next generation, you wouldn?t be lost with the Dell XPS 13.

The next best Windows laptop

With Windows opting to go touch, the XPS 13 might not be the best candidate in the shed. However, in terms of all-around performance, this laptop is a killer. With Windows 10 becoming a streamlined OS shared on all platforms, the best bet to use before the next version of laptops comes next year could quite possibly be the XPS 13, with all its features.


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