2015′ Best Gaming Laptops: A Look at Laptops other than Alienware

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The Alienware 15, the top of the mountain-laptop [Dell]

As of recently, Alienware was a very pleasant surprise at the CES 2015.

Alienware, however, costs an arm and a leg to get. There?s no question why it should cost as large as that?the Alienware 15 is one of the top gaming laptops out there, if not THE top gaming laptop. It?s understandable why we?re looking for other laptops as an alternative too?the Alienware 15, for all its glamour, proves to be too expensive a laptop. Some of us might not be too willing to part with our hard-earned money, if that?s the case.

There are two laptops that we are taking a look at right now?The Ghost Pro and the Origin PC New EON. These laptops have different specs, as per the PC Gamer website. The EON and the Ghost are made for the same purpose but at different sizes?will their performance be the difference? Big things come in small packages, like they say, but bigger is always better, as they say too. Read on and find out if these two have what it takes to be top contenders against Alienware?s 15.

The Origin PC EON

The Origin PC is hoping that it will separate itself from the rest of the pack notably.

The Origin PC is one of the PCs which makes a play for gaming heavyweight. The PC packs a 256 GB SSD; it might have a small size, but nonetheless, the laptop is still perfect for seamless, uninterrupted gaming. While it doesn?t have an optical drive, it makes up for that with a Hybrid 1TB HDD, for more gaming storage, as per PC Gamer. It would make for good gaming experience if the games were uploaded on the 256 GB SSD.

The Origin is perfect for people who want to see what they?re doing. With the size of the screen, the games that you play on the Origin will feature a seamless experience in terms of picture quality.

Ghost Pro?murmurs of a Ghost

The Ghost Pro is another laptop which has the makings of a beast.

The Ghost Pro is a takeaway from the big, heavy gaming laptops, as per PC Gamer. PC Gamer lists the specs of the Ghost Pro with a Core i7 CPU, a GeForce GTX 970M GPU, and a Hybrid drive of a 1TB HDD and a 128GB SSD. SS drives appear to be the norm these days, as these drives appear to offer seamless, skip-free gaming, People will no doubt be compelled to buy by the mobility of the laptop and the prospect to be able to game anywhere they want.

While it?s small, some people might prefer having privacy while they play. The laptop is especially efficient when playing FPS games where you have to have hindered access in terms of what your opponent will see.

Origin and Ghost Pro?Blazing a Path

The Origin and Ghost Pro might be of different makes and sizes, but they?re both laptops with a certain aim in mind?these laptops are the future. They?re the laptops that gamers will one day be carrying around with ease and luxury, and thus, these laptops will become descendants of the chunky gaming PCs of today?powerful and lightweight.


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