Shenandoah: Daughter of the Stars – Destroyed by Love, Restored in Time

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When two souls find each other, they forget about things around them, things that are unnecessary, things that do not matter at this point when they think they truly found the right person that they want to be with for the rest of their lives. But sadly, those that were truly loved were casted aside, unnoticed, and forgotten.

Two game developers fell inlove with each other as they were creating a game. They were brought together by the game they dreamed to achieve, but it was later?forgotten. Dreams, dedication, and passion locked away in a box for 20 years.

This is not a love story. This is the story of that box?

Four teenagers were working on a game specifically designed for the Amiga. The game was called Shenandoah: Daughter of the Stars, a shooting game developed for Amiga. Everything looks great as most of the things that they needed to publish their own game were already there. They had a UK distributor, a working demo, and coverage from popular magazines. So what went wrong?

The video game production ended as one of the developers fell in love with the other. Although the team poured out their life and everything on that game, love is a stronger force. They broke up?and locked Shenandoah in a box for 20 years, as they moved on in separate ways.

Not until one of the designers and the artist, Krister Karlsson stumbled upon the box and recalled the development of the game 20 years ago. ?He opened it and was surprised to see it working. There were two Amiga 500s and a 1200s and the old Shenandoah demo. In his excitement, he showed to his friends and they liked it.

Due to the fact that the game was specifically designed for the Amiga consoles, Karlsson had to salvage what he can and make a few alterations for it to run on new hand-held consoles today. With some help, he was able to set it up, changed its name to ?1993: Space Machine? and added it to Steam Greenlight.

Karlsson did not change anything on its designs, just used a new engine to make it work. The game reminds him of the beautiful memories he had with his friends though he was not able to make contact with them. But still, this is one of the things they loved and they wanted to achieve before. And now, it is accomplished.

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