20 Things that are Surely to Happen on Valentine’s Day

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Are you already part of the Valentine?s fever? Some people are just too overly excited about this holiday. Many couples are already planning their getaways and their well-earned dates that only happen once a year. Men are already busy buying their chocolates, clothes, engagement rings, stuffed animals and more expensive stuff they only bother buying once every year. Meanwhile, women are busy making themselves look pretty and desirable. Again, they only bother looking their best once in a year for their husbands or boyfriends (or maybe everyday for some, but that?s not the point).

Why do we even bother? We can show our love every day of the year. Anyway, there will be some mishaps or some bitterness from our single brethren, and we can?t avoid some very awkward scenarios when both parties show up in the same establishment or the same spot. ?There are some things that always occur on Love Day and we are going to enumerate some of them right here. Screw ups or normal occurrences? You decide.

  1. There will be a time that an admirer will put up a lot of effort to put a mysterious message and ??? sign-off on the card but forgets to change their handwriting on the envelope. He/she also puts it through the post at their office, so it’s stamped with the name and address of their workplace. Good job dude! That will surely keep her guessing.
  2. Restaurant splits all their table covers into tables-for-two and arranges them uncomfortably close together. It?s just weird when you hear everyone else?s conversations and bump chairs with the one behind you on the way to the restroom.
  3. Social networks will be taken over by smug show-offs sharing pictures of carefully-styled, artily-filtered pics of posh dinners/vases of flowers/boutique hotel suites/champagne bottles in ice buckets, accompanied by faux-modest captions along the lines of ?What have I done to deserve this? We get it girl, you are dating someone. I know that you know that we don?t care.

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