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New Apple Retina MacBook with 12″ Display: 2 Big Problems

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The recently-announced Apple MacBook is no doubt a thing of beauty. With its stunning aesthetic design and new keyboard technology, it?s certainly the device for the high-end mobile computing user.

New Retina Apple MacBook 2015: Problems right from the start?

Despite its awesome specs, there are two main problems that can be foreseen. These are:

  • Single, all-purpose USB-C port
  • Lack of vents and cooling

According to the spec sheet now available on the Apple website, the new MacBook comes with just a single port. This, according to Jony Ive on the MacBook intro video, is part of the design philosophy that everything must be compact and accessible.

All the Single Ports

But how accessible could that single port be? If you think about it, you cannot use any other USB device while you are plugged in to a power outlet. The next argument would be that your MacBook can supposedly run on battery for extended periods of time (9 hours) so you can maximize the use of that? one port. But that 9 hours could possibly be the battery life without connecting to WiFi.

Another problem with the single port is that you cannot use a mouse, connect an external hard drive, use a wired connection or even connect your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch with a cable to the MacBook while it is charging or another device is plugged in.

One simple solution to this problem, albeit an inelegant one, is to buy a USB hub. But for a device designed to be compact, sleek and beautiful, a clunky USB hub may ruin the image Apple is trying to give the user.

Lack of vents

While the MacBook video clearly stated that their design eliminated the need for vents in order to make the thinnest laptop computing device there is, this is a bit troubling for media users. Anything that uses up the processor and the video card heavily is going to make the new Apple Retina MacBook?heat up?and it may damage the device in the long run.

While this is just speculation since we have yet to see a temperature test on the new Apple MacBook, users might have to limit their capabilities to browsing and short media consumption instead of Hi-Definition movie experiences and even casual games like Plants vs Zombies. The videocard is not necessarily a stunner nor a competing component for devices of this size, but the lack of vents may prove to be a problem for heavier users.

The new Apple Retina MacBook with 12″ display is going to be released on April 10, 2015 with a hefty price tag of $1299, depending on the specs you want.

What do you think of the MacBook? Is the portability and aesthetic design worth the price tag? Leave us a comment so we can discuss Apple?s latest device!

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