2 Bathroom Technologies That Will Make You Jealous

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We?ve seen the marvels of technology revolutionize the workplace, school and even public transportation. But how about the bathroom? Yes, that one place where you can be yourself and anyone else you want to be. Have we left out this sacred part of our morning rituals? Here are a few?bathroom technologies to show you that things are changing in there as well. And we only picked two of them for references only the true toilet-savvy are familiar with.


The toilet that was made for an emperor

This toilet will make you happier than this guy can.

Say hello to the Nu Mi. We really have no idea why they named this wondrous marvel of a throne with such a strange name. But make no mistake. This toilet will treat you like the smelly king you are.

That’s a toilet. Not a drawing table, you noob.

First off, it knows you?re coming. It has motion sensors that are alerted when you open the door in a rush to let out that burrito you had an hour ago. It?ll pop open and adjust ?the seat for you. How?s that for royal treatment? It also has a bidet that slides out like a magic wand sent by the magical bathroom fairies to clean you and make you a happy person. It can wash you with three different spouts and spray patterns!.

Oh, and did we forget to mention that it also dries you after washing you? Yep! Literally, all you have to do is to sit and do your business. It?s whole business is helping you take care of your business. How?s that for a businessman?s seat? One more thing. You can synchronize your music player to a jack located on the seat itself so that you can TAKE A DUMP TO YOUR JAM. We just had to capitalize the statement to emphasize how awesome this is.

Oh and one more thing (we promise this is the last one). It has air vents at the bottom that blow out hot air to warm your feet while they?re on the cold tile floor. It?s like the devil made off with a seat from heaven and dropped it here on his way home. Here?s a link to how awesome it is.


The shower with a lightshow

We thought we would never see those two words in the same sentence. But appliance giant Kohler has gone a step way ahead in comfort to provide one of the most stylish shower areas ever.

It’s like your own mini-waterpark in your bathroom. Minus the slides.

This baby boasts of multiple shower heads angled at various parts of your body which means you no longer have to keep on turning around underneath the shower. The shower comes after you. There are also steam outlets to control the temperature around you.

And of course, let us not forget what we came here for, the light show.

That has got to be the most psychedelic shower we have ever seen. People who take showers like that come out as brand new people. We would like to take a shower like that. And never come out.


We?re so happy with the advances of bathroom technology that we no longer care about the workplace. Heck, we?ll work in the bathroom as long as we have things like that inside.



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