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2 Android TV Apps Now Available On Google Play

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Google won?t stop until they give you what they think you need. And so, Android TV was announced at the Google IO, to replace the Google TV.

But a lot are wondering when will be the exact date of the official release of the Android TV in order to get the latest Android TV apps.

Well, you?d be happy to know that you don?t need to wait for the release of the Android TV just to see what apps are in store for you, because as of today, two (2) Android TV compatible apps appeared in ?Google Play.

You can download the Android TV Remote Control app and the Google Cast Receiver from ?Google Play. However, we just want you to know that you can download the applications now, but you cannot use them until you have your new Android TV platform.


Google announced the coming of the Android TV at the Google I/O just this week.

In the official Android Developers blog by Google, Dave Burke and Majd Bakar, Engineering Directors and TV Junkies said, ?Last summer, we launched Chromecast, a small, affordable device that lets you cast online video, music and anything from the web to your TV. [Today at Google I/O,] we announced Android TV, the newest form factor to the Android platform, and a way to extend the reach of Google Cast to more devices, like televisions, set-top boxes and consoles.?

The new Android TV platform is part of the new Android 5.0 L.

Google said that they focused more in delivering content to television with Android TV as it promises to give users access to content from the Google Play Store, and will also run third party applications like Netflix and more.

At the Google I/O, the company said that Google Cast, which basically has the same features as Chromecast is built into Android TV. With this, users will be able to stream content directly from their smartphone or tablet to their Android TV device.

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?In addition to Google Cast apps that send content to the TV, you can now build immersive native apps and console-style games on Android TV devices. These native apps work with TV remotes and gamepads, even if you don?t have your phone handy. The Android L Developer Preview SDK includes the new Leanback support library that allows you to design smoother, simpler, living room apps,? Burke and Bakar said.

Moreover, Google said that this is just the beginning as they are preparing more. The company said that in the fall, they will release new APIs that will allow users to cast directly to these apps, so users can control the app with their phone, the remote, or even their Android Wear watch.

For more information about the Android TV, stay tuned with us!

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