The Bitbag Radio: 1v1 with Mahalo Daily VLOGIdol Finalist Andrea Rene

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After a couple of weeks off, The Bitbag Radio returns with the 1v1 show, hosted by Jon Sitzman and Lee J. Yi with special guests Torrence Davis and HipHopGamer. This week’s episode includes an interview with one of the six finalists of Mahalo Daily VLOGIdol contest, Andrea Rene. The Bitbag officially supports her and hopes that she becomes the next host of the show. Veronica Belmont’s shoes are huge, but we believe that Andrea can fill them. Check out her episode on Wednesday and vote for her beginning Thursday. (UPDATE: Her episode has been posted).

Additional show notes included after the jump.
– GTA IV (as if you haven’t heard enough)
– Iron Man / Bourne Conspiracy Demo
– Interview with Andrea Rene (pronounced Ann-dree-uh Ruh-nay), Mahalo Daily VLOGIdol finalist
– Warzone Podcast about Fanboys on Friday nights with Torrence Davis and HipHopGamer

Andrea Renee Links:
Mahalo VLOGIdol Profile
Mahalo Profile
Get the Daily
YouTube: Andrea Rene Hosting Reel

Not to be confused with Andre Renee (double E at the end of her name)

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