19 Days Manga Chapter 169 – Zheng Xi and Jian Ji Almost Kidnapped!

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19 Days Manga
19 Days Manga

In the previous chapters of 19 Days manga, a group of big (better yet, muscular) men, who mistakenly thought that Zheng Xi was Jian Ji, barraged without warning into Jian Ji?s apartment. Adamant on protecting his bestfriend, Zheng Xi went along without correcting the men as they forcibly took him out of the building. Jian Ji sensed that Zheng Xi was in trouble and ran after him, despite Zheng Xi telling him not to. He caught up with the men in the elevator, which made them realize that he was the real Jian Ji. ?Zheng Xi tried to fight off one of the men but ended up being pinned down on the ground. The guy who appeared to be the leader was talking on the phone when Jian Ji?s mom showed up. With piercing eyes, she asked, ?you people want to take my son but have you gotten my permission??


The leader was startled as Jian Ji?s mother requested to speak to the person on the phone, which coincidentally displayed Mr. Jian. Could it be Jian Ji?s father? Fans speculate. His mother talked about a certain promise ? which was very vague but eventually made the men leave. Soon after, He Tian was seen running towards the men. Before the leader was about to board the car, he caught He Tian giving him the bad finger. It turned out that he was his brother.


Fans of the 19 Days manga could not get over the latest chapter – 169, and were very vocal and active in forums and discussion boards. After the scary event that transpired, Zhan Zheng Xi was feeling down and tried to hide it but Jian Ji knew him too well. Jian Ji tried to cheer him up and insisted on walking him home. It was a ?kyaaah!? moment when Zhan Zheng Xi went all serious and admitted to Jian Ji that he wanted to be a grown up faster and become stronger?


Why? Wait for it?.


?So that I can protect you.?


Fans are continuing to fall in love, over and over again with the 19 Days manga. Read the Webcomic here.
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