Jim Bob And Michelle Duggar Divorce Will Never Happen: Here is The Evidence!

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Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar are not having any problems in their married life. Jim Bob has shared a beautiful post on the Duggar?s website on the occasion of Michelle?s birthday.

Jim Bob has written that Michelle is very beautiful inside and she is a great person. He said that he feels like the most blessed man in the world to be married to Michelle for over 32 years.

?Thank you for having our 19 kids, you are such a wonderful wife and mother! Your sweet spirit radiates to all those around you. I am looking forward to the next 50 years with you and spending time together with our 200 grandkids!? Jim Bob wrote.

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On family?s website, Michelle?s daughter has also indirectly conveyed that their mom and dad are happy under one roof. Joy-Anna thanked her mom for being such a wonderful wife for Jim Bob.

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A couple of weeks ago Michelle had shared beautiful words to her husband. ?You open doors for me, you seat me first at a table, you get the umbrella for me when it?s raining, you clean up throw up when our little ones are sick, you are the ?lifter of heavy things? so that I don?t have to, you pray with me, you take me on dates, you encourage our children to honor me as your bride and as their mother, you work hard and provide for me and the children, you plan vacations for us, you set goals for our family and help us to work toward achieving them, the list could go on & on!!!? Michelle wrote.

Jim Bob and Michelle had shared useful tips for all married couple. They had requested everyone to read the Bible in order strengthen the family bonding.

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Earlier, it was reported that Jim Bob and Michelle are fighting with each other because of Josh Duggar. Jim Bob wanted Michelle to accept her defamed son.

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However, Michelle thought that keeping Josh will affect the reputation of the family. These reports sound baseless now due to Josh?s wife Anna sending a special birthday greeting to Michelle. She also mentioned that Michelle is the most loving person in her life.

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