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$18000 for 70 days. Condition: Lie in Bed for the Whole Duration

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Drew Iwanicki, the man who had everyone's dream job with NASA
Drew Iwanicki, the man who had everyone’s dream job with NASA

Do nothing but lie in bed for 70 days for $18,000 seems like the ultimate job everyone is looking for. But for Drew Iwanicki, this is not a piece of cake everyone thinks it is. Most people might immediately say ?Sure, I can do that! Who can?t?? but Iwanicki found out that it wasn?t much fun as it sounds even for that amount of money.

The NASA Study which paid him $18,000 to lie down in bed for 70 days straight ended last December 2, 2014, and Drew Iwanicki was able to stand up on his two feet after 70 days.

The study, titled CFT 70 (Countermeasure and Functional Testing in Head-Down Tilt Bed Rest Study), aimed to learn more about how human bone and muscle might deteriorate in space. Staying horizontal is quite difficult, contrary to popular belief that lying in bed is the easiest task on Earth.

During the course of the experiment, Iwanicki was lying in a bed tilted at a negative six-degree angle with his feet over his head. He was not allowed to lie down flat like most of us would normally do. The good thing about it though was he can turn to his side and stomach any time during the duration of the test.

Iwanicki admitted that since he hasn?t experienced any serious ailment which needs long hospitalization, it was very difficult for him particularly because he wasn?t even allowed to sit up. He found out that lying down for an extended period of time was a very painful physical experience. The human body is not designed for prone position and doing so causes a lot of corporeal aches and pains.

The study has quite a bit of stringent rules to follow particularly that which relates to following a strict sleeping schedule. Lights out is at 10 p.m. while lights on is at 6 a.m. but the most difficult rule is ?no napping during the day.? For someone forced to stay prone for every minute of 70 days, this is the most cruel situation to be in.

Even if he cannot take a nap, Iwanicki was allowed to read books, studied, played online games and went on the internet to pass the time.

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