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Mass Effect Andromeda Trailer: Better Graphics, Bigger Worlds And More Teased In New Footage At EA Play

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Mass Effect Andromeda To Feature New protagonist, new story, trailer released

As expected, one of EA?s main attractions at this year?s E3 is the much anticipated next entry in the hit shooter/RPG franchise, Mass Effect. EA gave gamers worldwide an early behind the scenes look at the next game and it only teased players even more of what?s up ahead. Only a few things can be seen from the behind-the-scenes Mass Effect Andromeda trailer, but things are looking pretty impressive thus far. Here?s what we know so far about the upcoming Mass Effect Andromeda.

Insane Graphics And Details

One of the first info we got about Mass Effect Andromeda was that it will finally run on the Frost Bite engine. This means that the game will look better than ever before as EA will be using the same engine it uses in Battlefield. We saw a few snippets of gameplay in the trailer, and the graphics are looking crisp and?pretty neat. Probably the best EA has to offer for a non-sporting title.

Bigger And Better

One of the main themes of EA in the new Mass Effect Andromeda trailer is that it will take the game into places it?s never been to before. The behind-the-scenes look was very quick, but we?re able to get a glimpse of what EA means by bringing us a totally new experience in the next entry. Aside from the already impressive visuals of the upcoming title, the trailer hints at a more in-depth space exploration system that allows players to thoroughly explore the available galaxy and its planets. We also get a glimpse of the possible hazards we?ll face along the way, and new races that we?ll likely be interacting with.


The game will of course be set in the Andromeda galaxy. We?ve yet to know just how big it will be but EA has promised that each planet will be teeming with alien life and civilization. A few planets we?re also revealed along the way and so far, the areas are looking to be huge and diverse.

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