15 Free, Paid And Freemium Android Games That You Should Never Miss

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2013 was a decent year for Android, and the number of apps accessible for this platform has rocketed due to an increased popularity of Android Smartphones and Tablets. ?Game developers recognized?Google-powered Tablets and Smartphones’ potential, so they’ve created inventive and impressive games that suits all; from strategy and sports to action and puzzle games.

Android games can either be free, paid or freemium.

Though a lot of people are playing free games, there are also those who are getting paid games and?freemium apps; however, a lot of them fall out of love in using freemium games, but needless to say, the universe of mobile gaming is still electrifying.

Here are some of the Best Android Games that you should never miss out.

Badland (Free)?

Badland offers an unusual, dim and gloomy world, and a bit of “indie” vibe. This game is full of surprises. You can fly a blob thing that gets bigger and smaller, it can also split into heaps of scaled down clones.

Angry Birds Star Wars (freemium)

Angry Birds?phenomenon turned weird when Rovio acquired the rights to blend Star Wars characters. Players can use Star Wars weaponry ?and see destructive “physics” action. This game is actually pretty nice.

Plague Inc (free)

Players will play an Evil-God objective on destroying all mankind by developing and spreading viruses. It is a truly charming and extremely tough strategy game.

Frozen Bubble (free)

This game is based on a many-times-copied idea of firing gems to make a little group of similarly colored gems. ?Most likely, you’ve done this a million times. If firing gems is your thing, then you should download this game.

Gem Miner (free)

You will?play as a mole that likes to scrape things out of the ground, which is not really vital. What’s important, you are able to buy better tools and maps plus you can upgrade your digging powers.

Jewels (free)

Another colored gems game!

This time you have to switch sets to make bigger groups which then vanish.?Great thing about Jewels is its presentation and size, and it has more levels than other gem games for free.

Pitfall (free)

This game is inspired by a 1982 Classic game reworked as an endless runner. This is quite fun, you’ll play an adventuring hero who does a lot of motorbiking, whipping and minecarting.

Barrr Lite (free)

You will manage a?bar world?that points men to go in a tattoo parlor or to drink beer; just like a good capitalist. And just about any game of this type, it gets insane and difficult once it starts speeding up.

Graviturn (free)

This is an accelerometer-based maze game that aims to?move a red ball out of a maze.?Appears to be embarrassingly simple at the beginning, until a lot of ?green balls show up on screen. It’s a great game app.

Beats, Advanced Rhythm Game (free)

This is a button pressing and a standard beat movement?music game. This game includes a Download Song Tab where you can install new songs. This is very fast and difficult game.

Broken Sword: Director’s Cut (Us$4.99, ?3.99,?Au$6.58)?

This is an “indie” game that has a marginally odd and amusing escapade concept. A bit silly game app that has superb and challenging puzzles.

Pac-Man Championship Edition (US$3.99, AU$5.00, ?1.49)

This is not the same Pac-man that you used to play with for the last 30 years. This is a crisp revision of the maze game that has scrolling mazes and a snazzy graphics. This is really a smart puzzle game.

Canabalt HD (Us$2.99, ?1.99,?Au$3.68)

This is a slightly posher? and a current adaptation of the “endless runner” genre, where you run along rooftops to a techno soundtrack.

GTA Vice City (US$4.99,??2.99,AU$5.53)

This is a highly-rated video game of all time. This is a gameplay of a man’s rise to the top of ?a criminal heap. This is a fully customisable game and you can play it how you like it.

Last Fantasy VI (Us$15.99, Au$19.99, ?10.99)

This is a remake of the Final Fantasy Series that offers unfathomable missions and hours of tenacious storytelling.

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