Kate Middleton And Prince William?s Ski Holiday Hits One More Controversy

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Kate Middleton and Prince William’s recent ski holiday is in the news for wrong reasons. As per the reports, the couple spent a huge amount of money for the ski holiday. As a result of it, many royal family workers are facing pay cuts!

Celebrity Laundry says, Kate Middleton and Prince William’s holiday was very lavish, and they used a private jet. ?I find it outrageous that the younger members of the Royal Family spend huge amounts of money enjoying themselves in the most lavish way when a lot of people are not getting wage rises, ? Foulkes of the Labour told, Celebrity Laundry reported.

Is Kate-William A Lazy And Ignorant Couple?

AOL News has reported that Kate Middleton and Prince William are widely criticized by British media for not showing interest in charitable activities. Prince William?s work schedule shows that he works less than his 94-year old grandfather Prince Philip. In the ski holiday pics released by Kensington Palace, Kate was spotted with fur gloves, which made PETA unhappy, according to International Business Times. ?If the gloves are indeed made of real fur, we?ll be contacting Kate, who we imagine is unaware that opossums (commonly called possums) killed for their fur are often caught in bone-crushing steel-jaw traps,? PETA?s UK director Mimi Bekhechi said. ?Since so many humane, warm and fashionable fabrics are readily available, there?s no need to wear fur ? opossum or otherwise,? she added.

Will Kate listen to PETA? In 2014, Kate Middleton and Prince Harry were blamed for celebrating the holidays at Maldives. It was not the right time to for the holiday because their seven month old baby was in need of parental care. Ignoring that fact, the couple had left the baby with its grandparents at Berkshire mansion west of London, according to News.com. Now, it’s high time for Kate and William to take over the responsibility because Queen Elizabeth will turn 90 very soon, according to E. Prince George is already in nursery school, and Princess Charlotte is also growing up. Will Kate Middleton and Prince William become serious about their royal responsibilities?

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