Sherlock Season 4 Spoilers, Release Date And News: What?s The Mystery Behind Moriarty?

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Sherlock Season 4 is getting ready to hit the television screen. This time, the production team is bringing a lot of changes in the screenplay.

Benedict Cumberbatch will reprise his role as Sherlock Holmes. Of course! Sherlock season 4 will not drop the character, Dr. John Watson. Martin Freeman is back to Sherlock Team, according to Jobs N Hire. ??Sherlock co-creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss ?also confirmed that they are busy in working on Sherlock Season 4. “By having that scene right at the end, where we go back to Victorian London ?? Victorian Baker Street ? and Sherlock explicitly says, ‘It?s an imagined version of what I think the future might be,’ we have really opened a ridiculous window that the entire series of Sherlock might be the drug-induced ravings of the Victorian Sherlock Holmes. Which means we can do absolutely anything,” Gatiss told Den Of Geek.

In the special episode ?The Abominable Bride? we saw Sherlock Holmes(Benedict Cumberbatch) going back to 19th century to dig out the mystery behind the dead woman?s reentry. Now fans are predicting that Moriarty(Andrew Scott) will come back for Season 4. Because in the special episode, Sherlock said ?Moriarty is dead, no question. But more importantly, I know exactly what he?s going to do next.? At the end of Season 3, Moriarty also appeared and asked ?missing me??, according to International Business Times.

It’s reported that Sherlock ?is just playing a drama and he is not dead. There is a possibility of both Sherlock and Moriarty trying to fool others. But few believe that Moriarty may not be a single person, but a union of people who are aiming to trouble Sherlock. Sherlock Season 4 team will begin filming in this spring. So, the season 4 will be on television screen in January 2017. According to Youth Health Mag, season 4 will be ?filmed at Pinewood Studio Wales.

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