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10 Cheap yet Awesome Valentine’s Day Date Ideas 2

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  1. Gaze at the stars: There’s nothing more romantic than a night out looking at the stars, but in the winter that’s not really an option. Instead, go to a ?nearby ?planetarium in your area for a night-time view of the sky. If your sky is clear you can go and grab some blankets, lay down on the cold grass while talking about what you?ve been through the past year. It?s inexpensive and if you need some motivation, the stars will help you out.
  2. Short romantic trips: You?ve reached the point in your relationship when some of the spark and the honeymoon stage has already passed. You?re on that stage where both of you are learning to settle into one another. It?s at this point where you want to take a big step and see if you are really meant for each other. Thankfully, Valentine?s Day is a long weekend this year to some people. You can look for last-minute flight deals or pick something secluded and sweet a couple of hours from your city. Getting out of your normal routine will bring some of that sexy vibe you haven?t had for a while.
  3. A whole night of talking: There are times that a relationship seems to be going the wrong way. We admit that no one is perfect and you might be getting a little worried or frustrated of how everything is going. Even if you love the person truly, you won?t always see the good in everything. If you?re going through a rough patch with your girl, take some time to write a long, kind and open letter to her (or a video would be nice). Suggest that you go to a restaurant that is memorable to you as a couple. You can have some wine and give her what you wrote or recorded. It may help to break away some of the things keeping you apart, and help open up the dialogue to get your relationship or marriage back on track.

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