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Seasons 6 Riven Guide: Combos and Bursts Continued

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  • Tip: Hydra is a very useful addition to your combo when your q’s and auto attacks are on cooldown. for example:?Q-AA-Q-AA-Q-AA-W-hydra-AA. or simply before any Qs or Ws.
  • You can use flash early game however you want (take kills/escape/trade flashes/burst enemies), but after 20 minutes, use it only to get shut downs/avoid getting killed, to take objectives, or to protect objectives.
  • Ghostblade can used be before any of the combos above to speed them up! (many may not know, but attackspeed makes the hydra animation faster).
  • a good combo to burst someone in lane (when you are both low hp) is: E-(flash)-W-AA-Q-(AA)

Note: Play the videos in slow motion to understand what?s happening.


This is one of the most important (and hardest) combos on riven.

  • Normally, a combo such as AA-Q-AA-Q-AA-Q-AA takes around 3 seconds, but if you do the fast q combo, it will take ~1-2 seconds (depending on how fast you can do it).
  • how it works:Autoattack the enemy target, keep the mouse over the enemy (so Q won’t pass through them, but you can make it pass through by having the mouse over no enemy unit, if you want to chase), press Q right after Auto Attack dmg went off, to cancel the animation, click on the ground (after this, the Q inbuilt stun, which does not let you auto attack while casting q, will end and you will be able to auto attack the enemy, stacking the animation of the auto attack and also making it faster) with the q one, but the screen will still display the q animation), auto attack the target and then, as soon as the auto damage went off, press q to cancel the auto attack animation. repeat x3.
  • the full combois something like this: AA-Q-move-AA-Q-move-AA-Q-move-AA
  • This video will show you?how it looks?and speak about?how it works.

You can also combine the fast Q Combo (Q-move-AA) with any other combos that contain Q.

A good combo without ultimate is:?E-AA-Q-move-AA-Q-move-W-aa-Q-move-AA you can add hydra in this combo before any q (or right after e) and add only around 0.1 seconds to it. you have to move between Q and W, to cancel the animation of Q and to be able to press W, furthermore, the auto attack right after W be executed really fast.

  • Since this combo needs good reflex for a good riven player, try practicing it a lot in bots.

REALLY IMPORTANT: for all Riven players: disable (this can be found in video settings) Wait for Vertical Sync and Anti-Aliasing. Wait for Vertycal Sync is only applicable for people with old PCs or bad internet or high ping. This makes the game smoother for people with these issues, but bad for people with good pc & internet! as for the anti-aliasing, it just makes the graphics smoother, but can give lag sometimes.


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