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Seasons 6 Riven Guide: Combos and Bursts

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Easiest Combo

Gap-closer + R deals the most dmg output possible in a decent amount of time:?E-R-(flash)-(AA, if in range)-Q-AA-Q-(AA)-W-AA- Q-AA-R/R-Q-AA. R2-Q-AA is faster but deals less damage if the enemy has over 25% health when using R2 (Wind Slash). You can use hydra before W or in between Qs. You can skip any Q-AA sequence to get in range or use hydra if within range.

(R-Q-AA is faster but may deal less dmg if the enemy has over 25% hp when using R). E-R-AA-Q-AA-Q-W-AA-R-Q-AA

In this combo you can use hydra before W or any Qs. you can skip any Q-AA in order to get in range, replacing it with Q. You can also use the?E-R-(AA)-(flash)-Q-(AA)-W-AA-Q-AA- Q-AA-R/R-Q-AA combo if you want to keep the enemy within range to you (using stun earlier) in the moment you engage. However, it’s still better to use the first form of the combo in a 1v1 duel, since you don’t waste your shield when the enemy is stunned.

You can use?E-R-Q-W-(AA)-R-Q-(AA)?(gap closing+burst)

this combo has also another form (W at the end) E-R-Q-AA-Q-AA-Q-AA-W-(AA)-R-(AA)?(if you use this, your enemy won’t be able to flash out of your ultimate, because he will be stunned!).


Also, you can skip any Q-AA from this combo, in order to burst the enemy faster?E-R-Q-W-AA-hydra-R-Q

Already-in-range combo: While camping in a brush or simply fighting in lane, you may want to keep your E and start with the stun. You can use your E to chase the enemy after you know in which direction he will run.

R-W-(AA)-Q-AA-E-(AA)-Q-AA- Q-AA-R/R2-Q-AA?(R2-Q-AA is faster but will deal less damage if the enemy has over 25% hp left upon using R2). hydra can be used before W or any Q.

R-W-AA-hydra-Q-AA-E-AA-Q combo wasn?t finished because Irelia ran away but you get the point.

You can skip any Q-AA or E for doing it faster.

For champs like Irelia, Renekton or Pantheon you can wait for them to stun you and then i start this combo.

Burst Combo😕E-R-(flash)-W-(AA)-(hydra)-R-(hydra)-Q-(AA).

Faker-senpai demonstrates some fast killing combos right here.

You can extend the combo to:?(Q, to gap closer)-E-R-(flash)-W-AA-(hydra)-Q-AA- -Q-AA-R/R-Q-AA.

These combos are used only for bursting and fast kills. These are very risky for duels where the enemy can kill you. Using W right after E is just wasting your shield.

E-R-flash-W-AA-Q-AA-Q-AA-Q-R?is another extended version.

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