?Supernatural? Season 11 Spoilers: ?Into the Mystic? synopsis reveals brutal deaths

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Supernatural Season 11, Episode 11 entitled Into the Mystic appears to be a grim continuation to this week?s winter premiere. CW recently released a synopsis for the upcoming episode which reveals brutal deaths after victims hear a mysterious song.

According to the synopsis of Into the Mystic, the Winchester brothers, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles), investigate a case wherein people suffer violent deaths upon listening to a strange tune.

In a promo video for the upcoming episode, Sam and Dean talk about how there?s something ?off? with Cas (Misha Collins). ?The devil you know gets stranger,? the promo ominously teases which is in reference to the previous installment, The Devil in the Details.

In the last episode, Sam and Lucifer?s (Mark Pellegrino) cage match was put to an end, but the reason for Lucifer?s return did not stop there as it was actually just the beginning. The Winchester brothers didn?t have a clue that their friend is now the devil in disguise. Lucifer made Castiel his new vessel as he failed in his attempt to possess Sam once again. Now that Lucifer is back, he seeks to destroy the Darkness, though what his other plans are, no one knows.

Meanwhile, according to an exclusive interview by Spinoff, Supernatural executive producer Jeremy Carver weighs in on the possibility of a 12th season. When asked if the approach for this season?s finale will be a finale for the season or for the entire series, he says ?Our mindset is definitely a season finale. We?re not done telling the Winchesters? story yet.?

Looks like fans of the series will still see more of Sam and Dean, and probably more of the devil too.

Into the Mystic was directed by John Badham and was written by Robbie Thompson.

The chilling Supernatural Season 11, Episode 11 (Into the Mystic) will air next Wednesday night, 8pm on CW.

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