?The Divergent Series’ Allegiant: Plot, Cast and Theme: Will Tris survive?

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Once again, ?The Divergent Series: Allegiant? is in THE news for its brand new posters unveiled by MTV. After changing the title of the fourth installment of the franchise from ?Allegiant Part 2? to ?Ascendant?, THE much-anticipated movie of 2018 has revealed more changes.

As per the latest updates by VineReport, fans of the book Allegiant written by Veronica Roth, ARE already aware that film will have a sad ending. To cheer up the disappointed audience, team Divergent released a tagline creating hype about THE ending. But now, Lionsgate, Summit entertainment and the script writers of Allegiant Part 2 are facing a petition for modifying the script.

Excluding the confusion about the climax, few things are been confirmed by the makers of Divergent. Tris, Four and the others will be entering the Bureau with the hope of saving the world they live in and finding more answers about themselves.

According to Parent Herald, the recent trailer predicts the plot. Tris, Four and others will be entering the Bureau of Genetic Welfare to save the world and to find out more answers. A rumor that Four and Tris will marry each other and enjoy a happy life also gave fans some hope. Rather having a name like parts 1 and part 2, the third installment of the Divergent series chose different names like Allegiant(part 3), Ascendant (Part 4), earlier this year according to IMDb.

“The Divergent Series: Allegiant? will feature Shaillene Woodley and Theo James as Tris and Four. Theo James has told media that he will be doing intimate scenes with Shailene Woodley. Because of better rapport, both were very comfortable in intimate scenes according to Realty Today. There is also an ongoing rumor that James has feelings for his co-star.

Allegiant will be first time in the series that audience will see Four as a child. It will also feature a younger Natalie Prior, the mother of Tris. According to MTV, ?The Divergent Series: Allegiant? hits the theaters on?March 18, 2016.

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