Australian Suicide Rate On The Rise: Here’s What Facebook Is Doing To Help

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In Australia,?Facebook isn?t just a social networking site. It?s a friend who is available at all times to inform, entertain and connect you with other people. Realizing its potential in the lives of people, Facebook has come up with a humanitarian initiative to prevent suicides. It has introduced a number of tools to help people who are disheartened.

The program is a combined effort of Facebook and Charities Headspace, Beyond Blue, and local organizations. In Australia, suicide is one of the main causes of death for females and males aged between 15 and 44. In a year, about 2,500 Australian residents commit suicide. So, its nearly seven persons in a day, according to data collected by?beyondblue, an organization working for better mental health.

According to newlynews, if people find any depressing thoughts or impressions of suicide in a user?s post, they can report the material to Facebook. The Facebook Team will review the reports. Facebook can then encourage the author to reach a mental health expert through a pop-up message or to reach out a friend. They can also provide direct advice on how to deal with such bad thoughts.

The program was launched in the USA with the same concern. Since Australia has 14 million monthly users among them, with 11 million logging in every day, it?s an easy platform to spread awareness. Mia Garlick, the head of Policy in Australia and New Zealand for Facebook, said, ?Facebook was aware that people could share very personal feelings on their platform. People share highlights, but they also share the lowlights. We want to be able to help people if they are sharing about lowlights?,?The Age?quoted.

?Globally there are multiple millions of users all going through these same problems. People can be notified and help can be provided just about anywhere in Australia, which is fantastic?, said Chris Tanti, Headspace CEO to?Mashable.

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