iPad Pro Price & Specs: Is This Tablet Ready To Replace Your Laptop?

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Apple iPad with its larger display and better processor is set to take out on the traditional laptop market.

iPad Pro features 12.9 inch Retina display with 5.6 million pixels and Multi-Touch technology. iPad Pro has a huge plus on the size of display since traditionally laptops have 13 to 15 inches screen sizes. Apple has definitely made the new iPad a competition to laptops with better display so users to whom display mattered can choose the new iPad.

iPad Pro is powered by Apple A9X chipset with dual-core processor running at about 2.25GHz based on new twister CPU architecture. It delivers desktop class CPU performance and console-class gaming experience according to KnowYourMobile.

Apple has show quite innovation with the introduction of its iPad Pencil which is best stylus for the tablet as there is virtually zero lag between your movement and pencil?s reaction on the screen. Apple claims it has reduced latency to almost imperceptible level with ability to scan the signal of the pencil at an astounding 240 times per second. This is certainly something a feature no laptop can claim. However the?iPad Pro runs on Apple?s mobile OS, iOS9 which lacks the capabilities of a full fledged operating system like Windows 10 according to Forbes. Microsoft Surface on the other hand uses the same operating system as that in the laptops or computers.

iPad does have number of positive points that include its Pencil , new size-able display and of course the portability but it still lacks at number of fronts to take out them out. The laptops do are ahead in terms of gaming with graphic card extensions and typing that is far easier with full sized keyboards. Finally budget is also a significant concern to make a choice, so users will still opt for laptops that feature higher hardware specs unlike iPad.

iPad Pro has been quite a improvement from its predecessors and is heading in the right direction but it is yet to replace the traditional laptops since its capabilities are limited in several aspects. Apple has still a long way to go as of yet to be a serious contender against the laptops. Microsoft Pro has a better chance for now to get ahead of the game as it offers better operating system and higher hardware specs than Apple.

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