The Tester Brought to you by Sony

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Playstation Network brings you competitive reality program exclusively on the PS3 and PSP systems.

The Tester is a competitive reality program that pits a group of gamers against each other in a fight to get a job testing games for sony. They will compete in a series of elimination challenges that will test there gaming knowledge, and skills to prove that they deserve the job.

Watch the trailer here

Hey guys support this show and others like it so we can bring more gaming shows and content to tv and the net. You have a voice so lets use it in ways that support the gaming community not divide and split the community into sides. I mean it is your entertainment! So why not support fellow gamers and build more opportunities for you and others like you in the industry! Its 2010 Let fanboys and the fanboy war die! Its time for gamers to unite and put our entertainment back in our hands! TRUE GAMERS ITS NOT JUST A SAYING ITS A MOVEMENT!

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