1,000 Foo Fighters Fans Play ‘Learn To Fly’ In Epic Video Invitation (Watch)

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1,000 Foo Fighers Fans

A video of 1,000 rockers from Cesena, Italy playing an epic rendition of Foo Fighters? Learn To Fy has been making the rounds in social media since yesterday.

The viral video, which has already been viewed 2-million times, is actually a video invitation of a movement called Rockin? 1,000 ? and is a really unique idea of inviting the famous rock band to go back to Italy and have a concert.

According to the group?s website: ?The Foo Fighters are not in Romagna since 1997, it?s time to get them back, but we need a crazy idea. We have to organize something that kicks ass worldwide and can be seen by Dave Grohl: We will ask one thousand rockers to play one of their songs, all together and at the same time.?

And what an invitation it was! ?What we did here is a huge, huge miracle,? the event?s creator Fabio Zaffagnini explained. ?One thousand?rockers that came from all over the nation at their own expense, and they just did one song ? your song. We ask?you, the Foo Fighters, to come play for us.?

The performance was definitely epic: A combination of drummers, guitarists, bassists, drummers and people both young and old all harmonizing for Foo Fighters? most played single. The site shared that it took them almost 1 year to organize the activity, and they were very happy of how it turned out.

Comments from Netizens were also quite positive:

?For those that say that the heart of music has died in this digital era- behold it beats strong as ever. ?You just need to give people an opportunity to show it… ?One song can unite 1000 people in one field. ?Italy- you rocked it,? said one commenter.

Rockers won?t admit that the performance actually moved them enough to be tearful: ?There were some ninjas cutting onions here as well. That’s my story anyhow…?, while others downright admitted that it?s ?Real musician overload… Love it 😀 I can’t see how #davegrohl ?can ignore this, and retain his nicest man in rock title!?

So do you think Dave Grohl will answer in the affirmative? Watch out for more here!

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