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10 Years of Google: How it Changed the Game

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Back in 2004, when Google announced that it was launching a free email service with astounding 1 gigabyte storage, everyone thought it was an April Fool?s joke, considering that it was April 1.

Right now, Gmail is the worldwide favorite email for personal and professional use alike. It blasted out its competition, Hotmail, earlier in 2012 due to its massive free storage offers. Currently, that?s at 15 gigabytes across all of a user?s Google services.

Google and Gmail have also changed the way people think about communication. Email has since become something one could reach and search effortlessly, with huge storage spaces for backup copies and very easy mailbox management options.

Its interface also introduced the world to the conversational email view that takes over email services and software today. Gmail also made more mobile apps for email before the iPhone came out. With the recent offering of a separate tablet for its promotions, Google has also probably killed off newsletters via email as effective marketing tools.

Its most important contribution, however, is the encouragement to embrace cloud technology.

Why First Isn?t Necessarily Best

Gmail is not the first cloud based email service, nor was it the first to use cloud service. Hotmail, launched in 1996, popularized webmail and employed cloud service to do so. However, what Gmail did was more effective than Hotmail, which made all the difference in the world.

Gmail used Javascript as its programming language in what would be later called as Ajax?Asynchronous JavaScript XML. This enabled developers and designers to create more than merely static pages. Applications ran inside the browser itself, and felt and looked like software on one?s desktop. Gmail, and other Google apps like Google Maps and Google Docs, proved Ajax was powerful. These apps are free, lightning fast, and very much useful for professional and personal users alike.

Google didn?t have just brilliant developers, they also had brilliant marketers as well. From 2004 to 2007, Gmail was just via invitation, meaning that these hot tickets made it impossibly irresistible and exciting. It only officially became a finished product available for everyone in 2009.

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