10 Useful Sony Xperia Z2 Tips and Tricks to Maximise Entertainment, User Experience and Performance

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Sony Xperia Z2 offers heavy packed software and hardware to deliver super cool user experience. And if you want to get more out of this high-class smartphone, here are ten useful tips to maximise entertainment and keep performance at optimal.

Trance in Music

You can block the world by simply inserting the headphone and turning on the music player with Xperia Z2. It features a built-in digital noise cancellation technology that isolates your listening experience from the rest of the world. It does not require any additional batteries to work and can be accessed from the Settings menu.

Simplicity At Its Best

If the current Xperia Home launcher is too complicated and heavy to use, you can change it to Simple Home. Go to Settings > Home > Simple Home > Read the explanation > Select Ok. It will change the Xperia Home original to a single desktop comprised of the most useful features.

More Battery Life

Sony Xperia devices running Android 4.4.2 KitKat feature four different power saving modes which can be used simultaneously in order to extend battery life. Go to Settings > Power Management to view these modes.

  1. STAMINA mode: Turns off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, mobile data and background apps whenever the phone is idle. You can make a white-list to exclude selected apps.
  2. Low Battery mode: Kills all non-basic phone functions, reduces brightness, minimises screen time-out and more. You can modify the factors and battery level required for it to kick in.
  3. Location-based Wi-Fi: Enables the device to automatically connect to a Wi-Fi network within range or disables the radio when there is no Wi-Fi connection available.
  4. Queue Background Data: Allows the device to send background data in intervals to save more battery.

Stop Shaking

Shaking during video capture can cause glitches or even ruin that specific scene. But in Xperia Z2, you can enable SteadyShot to prevent shaky video recordings. Go to Settings > Menu (dot icon) > Video > SteadyShot.

Easy Access to Camera

Xperia Z2 features a dedicated camera button which can be used to instantly access the app from the lock screen. It is also useful whenever you want to capture moments underwater.

Advance Camera Modes

You can now record 4K videos using the Xperia Z2 then watch them on larger television sets or capture exciting moments on video with slow motion effects. Go to the camera app, then tap on the icon below ?red? dot to select various camera modes. ?Timeshift Video is an add-on that enables multiple slow-motion renditions in a single video.

Pump Up the Volume

You can share your favourite music to your friends using the dual-front stereo speakers on Xperia Z2. Moreover, it supports multiple audio engines from ClearPhase which can be accessed from the music player or via the Settings menu.

Easy Cleaning

Don?t forget that Xperia Z2 is water resistant and can be cleaned using a wet cloth. You may also bring the device inside the bathroom and let yourself enjoy some music while taking a shower or a bath. Just remember, it is not resistant to heat damage caused by your hot shower or external damage due to strong water pressure.

More Camera Modes

If you are bored with 4K and slow motion videos, download some more camera modes from the Play Store or Sony Select. Get the new Augmented Reality app or update the factory version to the latest for more camera essentials.

Compatible System Cleaner

For maintenance, you can download the Clean Master from the Play Store to get an all-in-one cache cleaner, junk file remover and antivirus application. It is compatible with all Sony devices and works perfectly with STAMINA mode and the built-in RAM manager.

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