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10 Moments in Video Games That Promote Rage-quitting (PART 2)

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Here?s the thing that gamers are quite shy about: rage-quitting. It?s the stuff that gets you a one-way ticket to a lifetime of bashing on one or many of the forums on the Internet. It?s not a thing to be ashamed about, but it does get you at the worst of times. It?s like something that you cannot really control, most especially if you?re controlling a character that the game says is the strongest.

So why does it happen? Well, it?s not something in the mind, apparently, but it?s because of something that you fail to control. It?s more a situation where the game is too difficult or the controls just aren?t responding the way you want them, and there you go: you destroy your controller promptly out of frustration, or you leave the game, if you?re playing something like Dota 2 or Heroes of Newerth.

Let us treat you to a trip down Rage-quit Avenue. You might be familiar with these games and the situations described, because, in your own personal gaming hell, you might?ve experienced them:

That Ornstein and Smough Double-team (Dark Souls)

Have you ever tried fighting these guys? Seriously, if the game developer was thinking of ways on how they can make players frustrated enough with their game, this was it. As if one boss that spawns annoying minions wasn?t enough, they decided to add another equally difficult boss to fight against.

That Ninja Gaiden Tutorial Level

This was a game that was responsible for people not wanting to play the Xbox anymore. Well, that might not be true, but the version of this available for the Xbox was so difficult, a lot of people thought about trying to short their Xbox just to get back at it. Things got so serious that the developer set about re-developing the game just so they could make the difficulty options easier.

That Djinn (Uncharted 3: Drake?s Deception)

At first glance, you might think they?re another minion that can be easily beaten. Up until the time when you get stunned, then they turn into a walking fireball. Okay, you can maybe hit them as retaliation?if only they weren?t teleporting around so much. Oh, and they revive themselves? Splendid. Can you please wait a moment while I promptly smash my console into oblivion?

That Moment when Aeris Dies (Final Fantasy VII)

Oh, will you stop it with that look? It?s one of the games where, admit it or not, you were in tears. Heck, even your 17 year old brother would tease you if he saw you, but he did get all emotional alone in his bedroom when he thought about it. Just the view of Sephiroth burying Masamune into Aeris? chest was enough for us to cry foul, mainly because Aeris didn?t deserve it, dammit!

That Moment when You Forgot To Save After Dying to a Boss

You?re in the final stages of that game you?ve wanted to play since it was announced. Yes, you probably would love to finish it now, but you died. Oh well, you reset, and you look for the non-existent save that you should?ve probably made in the first place. Thank you, game. Now you?re going to sit in the shelves for all eternity.

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