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10 Moments in Video Games That Promote Rage-quitting (PART 1)

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Let?s face it; at one point or another, every one of us has been guilty of rage-quitting. It?s a very human thing to be angry, and it?s even more normal if you?re playing any form of video game that lets you compete against others. Rage-quitting is not even isolated to gaming too; people do it in competitive sports, and others do it more often so than their peers.

In an earlier article, rage quitting was observed among players to be the effect of a particularly difficult situation and not a sickness of the mind. So if you are rage-quitting every ten seconds when you can?t solve a puzzle or every time your base gets overrun, then congratulations; you?re just a really pissed off gamer and not a basket case.

The debate then goes to what games can actually make us rage-quit. Violent games are the obvious choice, but it isn?t because they?re violent; it?s more because of the difficulty of the stage, or a situation where you lose control, and you can?t do anything about it. Speaking of games, here are some situations frequent rage-quitters out there might be familiar with:

That Last Minute Blue Shell Attack

It?s the one feature of Mario Kart that shouldn?t have been included. A lot of gamers lost their friends in the most insane manner because of this under-handed tactic. It?s that time when, racing for the finish line, you gloat at your friend?s face. Suddenly, you hear this sonar-like beep and BOOM! The dreams of your first-place finish are like the dust you had your friend eating, and at best, your friendship goes from best-friends-for-life to casual.

That Critical When Catching Rare Beasties in Pok?mon

Rare beasts are just like that, rare, in Pok?mon. They have the nicest attacks (well?not all of them, at times) and they also have the coolest looking sprites. Chipping away at their life is the best tactic to catch them. However, what if you used your tail whip or leer one time too often? Your dreams of using Mewtwo or Articuno against Gary Oak are dashed, and you promptly chuck your Game Boy out of the window.

That ?Waterfall Level? on Contra (NES)

Anyone who?s owned or played an NES will know what someone is talking about when he?s raging about something ?compared to that waterfall level?. This level, placed in Contra, can be beaten if you?ve mastered the combination of doing exceedingly hard jumps that should be timed at the exact moment to complete successfully. Not even your 20 lives can save you from this.

That Impossible Game

We thought maybe the game designers were snickering when they designed this game. It is a rhythmic, time-based gameplay that lets you take control of a free-falling square as you guide it through a whole collection of IMPOSSIBLE obstacles. If that wasn?t hard enough, not hitting the checkpoint before you die means you have to do it all over again.

That ?Hoverboard Stage? (Battletoads)

Have you ever tried playing through this stage without feeling anxious and frustrated at multiple tries? No? Well, how about trying to play through it without getting angry? If you?ve succeeded, then try playing it in a Zen-like state even with a second player.

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